How to Choose Evening Gowns According to the Type of Figure?


When choosing evening gowns, it is crucial to take the figure’s height and characteristics into account. The item must highlight the dignity of the physique and cover up any defects for it to fit flawlessly on the body. Styles that suit one woman might not necessarily work for another. Think about the choices that are best for your body type.



Women who need to visibly lengthen their torsos and conceal their waists do so because their shoulders, upper torsos, and legs are wider than their hips and legs. The empire style with a high waist closed shoulders, and sleeves are appropriate in this situation. It is advisable to choose dresses for the evening with a narrow V- or U-shaped neckline. Long, slender legs are typically found in girls who have an apple figure. They look stunning in dresses that suit their hips and flare out at the bottom; this type of ensemble visually “rounds” the hips and elongates the waist.



For ladies with hips wider than the chest, and a pronounced waist, it is advisable to choose evening women’s dresses that emphasize the upper half of the body. The bottom will be hidden by empire evening gowns with bare shoulders, deep V-necked models, and jewels at the throat. The ideal choice is a 3-5 cm long A-line that ends below the knee. You should select a two-piece dress (skirt and corset), with the bottom being dark and the top being light, to balance the proportions of your body.



The proportions of an hourglass figure are quite similar to the criteria 90-60-90: the breast, hips, and waistline are all rather narrow. The main goal is to draw attention to the body’s natural curves. Nearly anything appears lovely on an hourglass. But for a wow effect at any event, it is recommended to choose formal dresses with an emphasis on the waist, a deep V-neck, as well as tight-fitting styles that slightly flare at the bottom.



Girls with a rectangular body type are often slim and lack noticeable curves; the width of their hips and waist is about the same. Choose multilayer items with frills, peplums, and other ornamental components to add curves to the forms. This body shape is best complemented by floor-length, form-fitting gowns that emphasize slim legs and end 3-5 cm above the knees. Avoiding plunging necklines and opting for a strapless top is advised.

Inverted triangle


Women should choose a cut that adds volume to the bottom to balance the proportions if their shoulder and breast lines are wider than their hips. As Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, and Demi Moore demonstrate, this can be accomplished with a puffy skirt, draperies, frills, bows, or peplums on a skirt.

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