Do Residential Homes Have Grease Traps?


Grease traps have been an essential piece of equipment for many kitchens that are being used professionally. Not only that they are being useful for the business, but they are mandatory for legal reasons. Besides having them installed, their maintenance is of great importance, so it is usually done by professionals.

Residential homes are not required to have grease traps. Since the kitchens are not being used as much as the ones from the restaurants, there are not many oils produced that can cause damage. However, many people have considered installing these items, and they have been satisfied with them for a long time.

To help you understand better what grease traps are, we have made this article. In addition, you will learn their importance, and understand whether they are a good fit for your home.


What are grease traps

Grease traps are parts of the sewage protective equipment that are being installed on the pipes of the kitchen. They are usually a rectangle box, with all the filters necessary to prevent any oils to get inside the sewage.

In the commercial kitchen, there is a lot of food that is being prepared daily, so there is a large number of oils released from the food. They were the biggest reason why the pipes were constantly clogged, keeping in mind that the sewage cleaning process is rather expensive. For that reason, everyone involved in the food-producing business is being obliged to have these traps installed.

How do they work


When food is being prepared, especially food from animal origin, there are a lot of oils being let out. This is nothing to be worried about if you are cooking regularly at your home. However, in restaurants where food is being prepared for many people, the oils and greases come in a larger quantity that surely causes damage.

While the greases are still hot, they are being in a liquid state that goes inside the drains. Since they cannot mix with water, they are grouped up in a portion divided from the other liquids. They have adhesion features, so they are sticking to the insides of the pipes. When they cool down, they change their state and they solidify. That is when the clogging happens, and how it causes major problems.

Well, the grease traps are being essential for these situations since they are separating the oils from the regular water. With all the filters they have inside, they are assuring us that the greases stay trapped there waiting for us to clean them properly.

Because they are preventing oils to go further in the sewage system, they prevent additional damages and most importantly getting fined by the state and consequence legal actions.

Are the residential homes equipped with them


By default, any residential home is not obliged to have these pieces of equipment installed. Since there is not much cooking involved, there are not many oils that can cause the problems from the above. However, if you had problems with clogging in your apartment building, you should begin by locating the problem and see whether the greases are being responsible for that problem. If not, fix that issue. But, if all of the apartments are cooking, and greases cause problems, you should consider installing a grease trap.

In addition, if you are living in a house with a big family, and you are cooking every day, you should consider a grease trap. Depending on whether you are being connected to the city, or you have a septic system on your own the problems can vary. However, if you have noticed problems due to the oils collecting up, and having to call professionals to clean up the pipes, a grease trap may be an item of solution.

Why should you consider installing one


As we have mentioned above, if you are a person who enjoys staying in the kitchen and cooking meals every day, installing a grease trap is beneficial. That way, you can enjoy your cooking sessions more without the need to worry about oil disposal. Everything that improves your experience is a great purchase.

The pipes are being exposed to constant waste that we are throwing away through the sink or toilet. With time, they can be abrased and damaged so you will need to repair them. In addition, the fats can get stuck to the pipes, and with further exposure, they can be clogged.

The cleaning and the repair process is usually expensive, and you shouldn’t do it on your own which is why companies like urge people to call professionals services for cleaning or repairs.

Caring about the environment is another benefit of these traps. The oils degradation process is filled with toxic metabolites that will, later on, end up in the gardens. Taking care of our environment should be a priority, since not only you are reducing your worries, but you are contributing to a better tomorrow.

How to maintain your grease trap

Installing the grease trap is not the last thing you will do since this apparatus needs proper maintenance. Although it is pretty easy, you should come up with a strict schedule and stick to it properly. If you forget to clean it up, fats can get collected and the compartment can be overflowed and there is where its functions stop.

However, the cleaning process is simple. All you need to do is open up the lid, and collect all grease that has been stuck. Make sure you wipe all the walls and leave no residue inside. After that, you should rinse it nicely and see if any additional maintenance procedures need to be done.

Keep in mind that the grease waste needs to be disposed of properly. For that reason, make sure you get a bucket and dispose of it in a place that has been regulated by the city.

Consider hiring professional services


If you think that maintaining the grease trap is too much work, you should get in contact with a firm that does that job. Hiring a professional pipe cleaning service is something that has been recommended by many experts. These people have been working with this for a long time, and they are the most efficient way of keeping things safe and clean.

In addition, they often offer insurance that if anything happens because of the oils that have been collected or their improper care, every expense will be covered by them. This is highly beneficial because you are both reducing your stresses and increasing the quality of your life.

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