How to Troubleshoot an Electrical Problem in Your House?


Wherever our living space is, it requires regular maintenance, care and attention. There are several vital segments in each household. Installations for electricity, water, heating are at the top of that list. Of course it is safer, and easier if you have just moved into a brand new building or house. It is expected that everything there works in the best possible way, because the installations are new, the materials as well, everything has been inspected by experts and inspections and it is up to you to settle down and enjoy your new home. However, a large number of people live in old buildings and houses, where installations are dilapidated and dangerous.

It is necessary to have a basic knowledge of what it looks like when your electrical installations are not in the best condition and how they warn you with their mistakes in work. Here are a few such warnings, which should be registered and removed as soon as possible:

1. Flickering lights

Light bulbs that drop voltage, ‘flicker’, turn on and off, indicate problems. This can happen sometimes, when it comes to a network failure, outside of your home. If this happens relatively often, then it is necessary to call an electrician and check the following:

– junction box (determine if all wires are correct, properly connected, fuses are correct and in working order)

-check bulb sockets (it may happen that a bulb socket is worn out, loses contact and needs to be replaced)

-check the bulbs (also, you need to check the bulbs themselves. Maybe they are worn out and need to be replaced)

-check the condition of the pole, to which your house is attached (this should be done by a certified electrician, who has the knowledge and equipment, do not climb there yourself)

2. Heated sockets and cables


If your electrical installations are correct, then neither the socket nor the cables should be heated. In the event that you notice heating or, worse, smoke or flames, immediately turn off the power to the main fuse and call an experienced electrician. This is a potentially very dangerous situation. There may be a fire and the whole house will be endangered.

3. Occasional power outages

You may encounter occasional power outages in certain rooms or parts of your apartment or house. Start with the simplest, check the bulbs and their throats. Then switches, fuses that cover that part of the space. If everything is fine on that side, then it is necessary to check the main power lines that are connected to the junction box. If they go over the attic (which is a common thing), check that some installation has not corroded or may have been bitten by a rodent.

4. The light intensity changes

This problem is manifested by too much light emitted by light bulbs, or on the contrary, light bulbs shine minimally, they seem to work with effort, as if they are close to turning off. And in this case, first check the bulbs, their necks. Each bulb has a certain number of Watts and should not deviate from that. It is possible that the bulbs were damaged earlier, during production or transport, but if more than one shows the same defect, then the matter is something else. It is best to consult an electrician for adequate diagnostics and repairs.

5. Grounding


It is very important that the plugs have grounding. Usually not everyone owns them, because only lamps or some small consumers are included. Any stronger device must be plugged into a grounded plug. This is of great importance both for you and for the device. For example, ironing without grounding is life-threatening. You risk a deadly electric shock. Also, water heaters, all kinds of kitchen appliances, then TV, computer, music devices, hair dryer, washing machine and dryer… Protect the appliances by grounding, and yourself and your family.

6. Strange smell

We contacted electricians behind to give us expert advice for this article and they told us if you are in a situation where you can smell burning or melted plastic or insulation, and you do not see smoke or flames, you must be aware that this is an emergency. It means that some wire in the wall is very hot, maybe sparks and that the insulation is melting. This can lead to fire, short circuit and unforeseeable consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to react quickly and call the master to inspect the installations and eliminate the fault.

7. Gas installation

These installations are often located very close to electrical. It is usually seen that the whole house is not overlaid with cables, so the introduction of electricity, gas, cable TV is based on the parts provided for installation. The gas is conducted through flexible hoses that have metal rings that connect to the pipes. It would be dangerous for that metal to corrode, for the gas to start leaking, and for electrical installations to be nearby. One spark could launch a house into the air and cause a large-scale explosion. That is why it is important that every master regularly inspects the installations for which he is an expert and in charge and thus prevents an accident.

8. High electricity bill

A high electricity bill, as well as water and gas bills, can mean that electricity in your house or apartment has certain problems. Everyone knows approximately how much electricity is consumed in winter and summer. In winter it works for heating, maybe some rooms are additionally heated with air conditioning or heaters, in summer air conditioners work, the washing machine washes more often due to heat and changing. Our bills should not change significantly, unless electricity is more expensive. So, if you notice any rebound from previous bills, be sure to call the masters and check that the reason is not some malfunction that affects higher consumption.



No problem that arises, regarding electricity, should be ignored. Every man knows how important an ally electricity is in our lives. Without it, we would go back to the Middle Ages, and it would simply be unthinkable to live without the benefits of electricity. Also, electrical failures can be life-threatening and are not to be delayed or left for future intervention. They need to be removed as soon as possible and as soon as possible. This should be done by professionals, so call them. They can guarantee that the job is well done, that adequate materials have been used, that everything is working exactly as it should. This way you will be calm and confident, you will provide your living space and prevent unwanted events.

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