Main Types of Essays in Academic Writing: Key Features


There are different types of academic essays that students are assigned; they are used for various purposes. As a rule, all academic essays are classified into two broad categories which are narrative and expository essays. However, there are way more essay types that you need to be aware of. So if you need to write an academic paper and cannot order it from, then keep reading this post. We will discuss here the most standard types of essays and their key features. So you will be able to choose the right type of essay for the right purpose.

Essay Writing Types and Approaches

An essay is one of the standard assignments in different kinds of academic studies. In order to complete an essay, a student should be well-informed about the essay writing and be fully aware of all the different types of academic papers. Otherwise, one may select the wrong paper format from the numerous available types.

And the best way for students to choose the right essay type is by knowing all the essay types in writing. Here are the most common types of essays that students are asked to create:

  • Argumentative essays are very common essay types used in academic studies. Such papers discuss some controversial issues to argue about. This type of essay usually requires students to explain what they feel is a fact and tell others about their point of view and justify their point;
  • Descriptive essay types ask students to describe something in the best way. This type of essay requires students to write about the experience of their own or someone else;
  • Expository essay types ask students to write about what they know. This type of academic paper requires students to give accounts of academic subjects and provide evidence to make a point;
  • Persuasive essays represent a type of academic paper that is used to communicate the writer’s opinion. There are many different topics that can be used to write persuasive essays, and the best persuasive essays are written based on real-life situations that a writer has experienced;
  • Compare and contrast essays are usually written by students who need to demonstrate their knowledge in the domain of a specific field by showing how things are different, comparable, and alike. Compare and contrast essays are a type of academic paper where a writer compares two things and then provides an opinion about the differences and similarities;
  • Analytical essay questions often ask you to support your argument with facts, and it’s important to think about the sources that you use to support your opinion. It is possible to research and present more than one source for the points you make in your essay.

The variety of essay types is so diverse. However, the above types are the most commonly used in different academic studies. Sometimes you can be asked to make a combination of two essay types in a single paper. But if you know the distinctive features of the two assignments, it won’t be a problem for you to work on the task.

What’s Important in Essay Writing?

Writing essays has become an integral part of the education process. Students learn to express their opinions, ideas, experiences, thoughts, and views in an organized way. Writing is also used to convey ideas in a way that the audience can understand the message. This can be done in a literary or analytical format. An essay format and content core are determined by the paper type. That’s why it is critically important for a student to know what essay is expected to be delivered.

As students progress in their academic careers, they will usually switch from writing an expository essay to an analytical one. But the first time they face the challenge, they can become confused about how to write the different kinds of essays in academic writing. And this is where knowing the above information will come in handy.

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