Estonia Travel Tips & Useful Information to Know Before Visiting


Located in the northern quadrant of Europe, Estonia remains one of the famous destinations and tourist attractions. Bordered by the Baltic Sea on one side, with the Gulf of Finland and Latvia on the other, Estonia has had a vast and intricate history of Soviet and other influences.

With its scenic views, beautiful location, and cheap expenses, Estonia is a fan favourite. Many online agencies, such as provide tourists with the best information about the places to visit and organize group tours with plans on what to do in Estonia.

If you are planning on going to Europe for a vacation, Estonia can be your dream escape. Below is a list of a few things and travelling information you should know and consider before travelling to Estonia.



Estonia remains cold for most of the year, since it is located in the Baltic region of Europe. The winters are very cold, with the average temperature being -1° Celsius for most of the season across the country.

This snow filled escape is a favourite place to visit by tourists and locals alike. The summers are relatively short and warm, with the sun rarely coming up, as it has frequent showers of rain during the month of July. Visitors are, therefore, advised to pack up a few extra layers than usual, as the temperature can be very low.


The country has been under Soviet influence for a long period of time. Their culture has been influenced equally by the Russians, Germans and Finnic people and thus, has created a unique blend of them all.

The country boasts about its rich and indigenous heritage which is something every common man takes pride into. One must be careful not to offend anyone’s culture and traditions, as they would not like it.

The country is known for its vast range of literature and arts, which have been shipped and sent out to every part of the world because of its popularity. Literary resources and other forms of arts have been influenced by the Soviet and Finnish era rulers, and thus, the history and struggle of Estonia is evident in them.



Some communities are loud and believe in openly gesturing to the things going on in their heads. Estonian people are a bit more formal than others, and think of these open gestures as rude and take offence to them. It is advisable to the tourists and visitors not to be loud and impromptu when in Estonia.

Best time to visit

The country is open for visitors and tourists all around the globe. You can plan your holidays as per your convenience and accordance. Usually, the country sees a surge in tourists during the autumn months of late August to mid-October, as the temperature is slowly going down, along with the rains and humidity.

This is the perfect time to visit the islands and beaches. However, you can plan an extravaganza for the winters as well, as skiing and snowboarding are also available for tourists.

However, if you are not comfortable with the low temperatures and chilly winters, you can always choose the spring, and enjoy the nightlife and wilderness of Estonia, along with sightseeing and birdwatching.

Places to Visit


Estonia is filled with many historic and heritage sites, which attract the attention of tourists and locals alike. The following places and cities are the places to be when in Estonia:


The country’s capital and the largest city, Tallinn remains the top priority for tourists. With its never-ending and wild nightlife, and scenic routes around the city, Tallinn is perfect for a kick start to your holiday season.

The heart of Tallinn, or Toompea, is the major attraction of the city, filled with historic relevance and ancient ambience. You can find cobblestone streets and old houses, which are the signature attractions of the city.

Lahemaa National Park


The Lahemaa National Park is situated on the outskirts of Tallinn, on just an hour drive from the capital. The Park is located on a beautiful location and is open for tourists and locals, who want to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Virus Bog, a wetland, remains the most popular attraction within the National Park along with its various flora and fauna.


Out of the 1500 islands which make up the country, Saaremaa could easily be singled out by being the most sought after place to be in Estonia. The island has a vast history and rich heritage and provides the visitors with a perfect opportunity to learn about them.

Various activities and events are organised here, and the tourists and visitors can take part in them, such as sightseeing, hiking, birdwatching, and photography. The island is the home for various migratory birds and one can see them with ease. The island also comprises other scenic places and beautiful beaches and is perfect for a get away from the people.

Narva Castle


Located in the easternmost city of Estonia, Narva, the Narva Castle is a famous tourist spot. The city of Narva was bombed heavily during the World War II, but somehow, the Castle remained unscathed.

It has been, since, converted into a tourist destination and has amassed more people than the other spots. The castle now includes a museum, which provides the tourists and visitors with information about the rich history and struggle of Estonia.


Estonia is a country located in Northern Europe. The country is now gaining a boom in tourism and is packed with all the factors, which make it a perfect destination. The country has around 1500 islands, circumferencing it and thus making it more accessible and beautiful.

Various activities such as hiking, trekking, snowboarding, skiing, rafting and sunbathing at the beaches are the common features of an Estonian escape. The country is relatively safer and much cozier than the rest of the European countries and thus, is the perfect place to be for a calming and relaxing environment.

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