Without Experts Extending Your Home Could Be Quite Challenging

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More people are opting to expand their homes, which might be the ideal option to add more room without moving. Here, we go through a few of our top home extension recommendations that will put you on the right track.

So, Without Any Further Pause, Let’s Get Started.

A “whole-house” approach should include an addition

The addition of an extension shouldn’t ever be done as a bolt-on to your current home. It is critical that your addition blends in with your current home and that the overall problem has been addressed. The home extension should improve the functionality of the existing house by allowing the spaces to flow together and provide a clear arrangement between the old and new. Many of the 1970s and 1980s additions that we are frequently entrusted with removing are clumsily “tacked” extensions to the backs of existing houses. This is done to rationalise and enhance the original house.

Think about the architectural design

Every home extension team of houseace create a unique idea because every house is unique. When attempting the design of an addition to an existing structure, there are some popular styles to take into account, namely:

Complementary improvement

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This design borrows elements from the existing structure’s size, proportion, bay rhythm, profile, and massing without duplicating specific specifics. Some structures may accommodate rather sizable additions without losing their original character. However, the same additions would lead to an unbalanced design or a straggling composition in other structures. In certain circumstances, a well-designed contemporary addition that does not blend in with the old structure will have a less dramatic impact on its look.

Be honest about your availability

The majority of tasks take longer than you anticipated. By taking a philosophical stance toward this from the start, you may better handle the ups and downs of your project while avoiding setting yourself up for unattainable goals that will only add to your anxiety and tension throughout construction. Dealing with the inevitably occurring problems reasonably and calmly may frequently actually cut down on the amount of time it takes to complete your job.

Choose between a block-built and a timber-framed addition

There are several benefits to a timber frame addition over a block construction. First, wood frame kits are created off-site in a safe manufacturing setting. The houseace crew then transports and erects the kits on-site, and the timber frame structure is finished in a few days. Block, on the other hand, takes a lot longer and, if the job continues, may be an eyesore for the neighbours.

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  • Instead of load-bearing walls, wood frame kits serve as superstructures that support the building. By choosing a timber frame, you may use the area immediately around your expansion, whereas a block with installation uses up more of it.
  • If you’re thinking outside the box, a timber frame expansion will enable you to get creative with the space and shape of the extension because timber frames offer the capacity for more complicated designs.
  • Since a timber frame kit can be built much more quickly than a block structure, you’ll spend less on labour and construction, which leaves more money for your interior design ideas!

Consider novel ideas

No two home extensions are alike, so give yours the wow factor to make it stand out from the crowd. An extension can be built upward into the loft, outward as an addition, or downward into a basement. Consider including some unique design elements that distinguish your addition from the norm, such as a concealed glazing panel where the old and new collide. For more information about home extensions be sure to check out Supa Group.

Maintain cordial relations with your neighbours

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We can tell you that your neighbours are not the only ones that dislike living near a construction site. So while your home extension design mustn’t infringe on your neighbour’s property (they have a legal right to light and privacy), it’s also crucial to maintain good relations with your neighbours.

It’s crucial to communicate with them early on to explain your project. What steps will you take to minimise any inconveniences they may have due to living adjacent to a building site for months without receiving any advantages after work is complete?

Be definite

Everyone has moments of indecision, especially when first entering a constructed environment. It’s normal to want to make adjustments as a project progresses, but this temptation is frequently heightened when you opt for a home extension and can frequently observe the progress. Remember that modifications might have an impact on your budget and schedule. It’s also essential to discuss any modifications with your architect because they can advise you on whether the adjustment has any unintended repercussions.

Remember your insurance

You should consult your home insurance before beginning a significant improvement. Householder policies often cover simple renovations. Still, if you plan to do any construction work, you should let your insurer know since they could require that any contractors be hired.

Recall the Official Taxes

Many individuals are unaware that all applicable taxes must be paid on extension building projects. While GST on the building of a new residence is owed at the full on any work to an existing property unless your artisans are not GST registered.


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Many individuals become squeamish at the mere mention of a budget. Yet, the goal of setting one is to prevent design time wastage and ensure that the final design is something you can afford and deliver.

Setting architectural fees or letting consultants and contractors go over budget is not what your budget is for. An experienced architect will always work to keep projects under budget and offer the most value if they know your spending limits from the beginning. But most individuals have higher expectations than they can fulfil within their means.


Even though adding on to your house might be stressful, it’s crucial to remember the benefits it will offer your property and way of life. Please contact Houseace if you have an expansion project you want to discuss with us; we’ll be pleased to help.

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