8 Reasons Why Do Grease Traps Need To Be Cleaned Regularly?

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Restaurants and commercial food establishments face common challenges when it comes to removing fats, oils, and grease (FOG), from their dishes. Grease traps are a common feature in commercial kitchens to deal with FOG.

Grease traps prevent grease, oil, or fats from entering wastewater treatment systems. Grease can clog pipes and cause severe damage when they cool. This makes grease traps one of the essential tools in the industrial kitchen. Grease traps are not an easy solution. They can get clogged up and should be cleaned regularly.

Filters separate FOGs from water that comes out of sinks, dishwashers, and kitchen drains. Then it floats into the sewer facilities. The filters are efficient, but they also need to be cleaned regularly to ensure adequate performance.

Here are some valid reasons why grease traps need to be cleaned periodically. And If you want professional grease trap cleaning services, check out greasetrapjacksonville.com.

1. Noxious Odors

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FOG builds up in grease traps over time. The grease trap begins to smell foul and rots from the accumulation of debris. If the FOG trap is not removed, the smell can be so strong that it becomes unbearable.

When noxious odors surround a restaurant, it can cause damage. It will not only give the restaurant a poor reputation, but it can also cause the restaurant to lose significant customers.

2. Prevent Tank From Costly Damage

Foodstuffs and FOGs can include many chemical mixtures. This waste will ultimately become hydrogen sulfur gas if left on the tank too long. This will then lead to the formation of sulfuric acid. Highly toxic sulfuric acid can cause damage to the tank build material and concrete walls in the grease trap. Replacing the damaged tank will cost lots of time and money. You can avoid this situation by regularly maintaining the grease interceptor.

3. Makes Cleaning Easier

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You will see food particles buildup at the base of your container after using them multiple times. If this continues unabated, the FOG or residue particles will accumulate to assemble a hard abundance of debris that is difficult to remove. The rubbish will soon become a formidable immovable barrier, making it nearly impossible to clean the trap.

You will eventually have to deal with a stinky and inefficient grease trap. You can prevent all this by regularly cleaning and maintaining your grease containers.

4. Drain and Clog Problems

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As you can see, FOG will build up in grease traps and cause food debris to harden. This will block the continuous water flow from the sink to the drainage system. The flow is blocked, and water and materials will dribble back and cause further damage. Regular cleaning can help keep the trap clear of obstructions.

5. Penalties from Health Department

Municipalities regularly inspect and test the effluent from restaurants and hotels to protect the residents’ health. They also examine the grease trap and outflow of the drains during these assessments. They can penalize the owner if they find a lot of greases in your gutter and into the municipal sewer.

You could face penalties, suspension, or cancellation of your working license until you resolve the issue. Overfilling the tank’s retention capability is common for high grease levels in the water that runs into municipal sewers. This is why it’s essential to clean your tank regularly.

6. Business loss

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If the foul stench from the trap fills your restaurant, customers might leave. Or, the authorities may force you to close down the business. These situations can lead to loss of income or employment. This is especially true if your business is located in a competitive area. As you wilt in your misery, your opponents will be jealous. You might also lose some regular patrons.

7. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

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You must have a clean and tidy workspace if you own or manage a commercial kitchen in a restaurant, hotel, or other establishment. Your space must be kept clean and tidy while cooking food.

Although your grease trap may be hidden from view, it shouldn’t be forgotten. You should clean the grease containers at most after every three months. A monthly routine checkup will also help you a lot. If the grease trap is more than 25% full of grease, fats, or food solids, it’s a sign that your grease trap should be cleaned. It would help to clean the grease trap at least once per week.

You might consider scheduling regular appointments with a local plumber to ensure that the grease trap is always cleaned out. The benefit of professional plumbers is that they have access to industrial instruments and gear that can efficiently and comprehensively cleanse all grease traps.

Also, it is essential to observe the amount of grease and solids being removed by employees or professionals who clean out the grease trap. If you notice that there is a bunch of grease buildup, increase the frequency of your deep cleaning to twice per month.

8. Your Grease Trap will Last Longer

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Grease traps can last for many years and cost around $150 to $200. Although it may not appear like a significant expense, grease traps can be costly if they are not appropriately maintained. This could lead to frequent replacements and increased costs.

Sulfur gas from oils and food waste is highly toxic and can cause severe steel damage. A plastic grease trap might be an option, as they are less vulnerable to sulphuric acid damage.

Regularly cleaning your grease trap will ensure that it lasts longer. A grease trap that is well maintained will ensure it runs smoothly and works at its best.

Bottom line

Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential aspects of a successful running food business. You have to ensure that your restaurant has a proper cleaning and disposal system when working with oil, grease, or other potentially hazardous fats.

Grease interceptor cleaning is a time-consuming task that can be frustrating. However, you can get various economic, social, and health advantages. You only need to hire a reliable cleaning service provider. To ensure smooth operations, they will create a grease trap cleaning program.

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