How To Know If You Have Growth Hormone Deficiency?

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Issues related to the natural production of growth hormones are mostly related to children. However, this problem can affect adults as well. The biggest misconception is that it cannot affect people after reaching certain ages, which is leading to leaving this problem untreated, and that is where more serious health issues start.

It is important to know that this is a serious condition that must be treated properly. Lack of production of hormones can occur at any age. The great thing is that the treatment is not complicated, and all you need is a prescribed medication in form of injections. You can read more about the treatment of growth hormone deficiency at

Still, lack of knowledge and reaction on time are the leading causes for health problems that are happening to people suffering from this problem. In that matter, it is important to learn more about hormone production, how to test it, and check the symptoms. Here are the best ways and most common signs of this health problem.

Main Causes

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It is crucial to understand the complexity of growth hormone deficiency so you can find the right way to treat it. It is not a rare case that this condition comes as a result of some other disease or treatment. Some of the most common causes are related to autoimmune diseases, injuries, increased blood loss, and a special method of tumor treatment. 

Moreover, it can be caused by genetic issues where it is following other problems like Turner syndrome. Some people might be suffering from this problem since childhood, but they simply weren’t aware of it. You have to know that the lack of growth hormone is not always linked to the development of the body, especially when it comes to height.

Most Common Signs

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It can be very difficult for regular people to notice that they have this problem because a lot of symptoms can be caused by all kinds of diseases and health conditions. For example, mental problems like depression and anxiety can come as a side-effect of having this issue. However, many other things could lead to it as well. 

Therefore, if you are having trouble with your mental health, it is crucial to visit an expert so you can start working on the right solution. Another sign is a lack of hair. It is most common for men.

What makes it difficult to connect it with a lack of growth hormone is that most people will link it to a decrease in testosterone, which also can lead to this condition. You can use testosterone supplements for men, which will reduce your hair loss eventually.

If you are having troubles with libido and sexual functions, it is also very important to know that this is one of the things that can affect such an issue. It can affect various parts of the body. Sudden loss of strength and muscles is also one of the potential signs. Besides that, it can lead to heart problems, dry skin, lack of memory, fatigue, pain in the bones, resistance to insulin, and frequent weight changes.

Methods of Treatment

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Before you start with the treatment, it is necessary to visit an expert so you can be sure that you have this problem, and determine the level of it. One of the best methods for determining if someone is facing a lack of growth hormone production is by taking an insulin test. This process affects the body to increase the production of this hormone, and lack of results means that the problem really is there.

The great thing is that there is a solution to this problem. As we already mentioned, the most important is to never try to fix this issue on your own. Therefore, visit a well-known clinic and start with the right method. It will include injections. In most cases, patients will have to take the treatment for about three to six months. 

Also, they will start noticing the difference only after two weeks. The great thing about this treatment is that it provides other benefits like an improved heart condition, mental state, mood, gives you more strength, and more.

On the other side, it is a serious problem that these injections can be found on the black market. It is not a rare case that people who are going to the gym might decide to start taking them on their own. It is crucial to get a prescription from a doctor who will tell you the right dosage and frequency of use. because it can be different depending on other health conditions, weight, age, and other factors.  

Moreover, there is no need to be afraid of the needle since it won’t cause any additional pain. Still, if you don’t feel comfortable giving an injection to yourself, you can visit the doctor each time you need to get a shot.

We already mentioned that some results will come very fast. In only one month after starting with this treatment, there will be visible signs and improvements like better sleep patterns, more energy, improved memory, and more. After six to seven weeks, you will feel stronger, and it will be much easier to build muscles. By the end of the six-month process, expected results are higher energy, more muscles, increased libido, and a much better condition of both mental and physical health.

The Bottom Line

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Another thing to know about this treatment is that the chances of any side effects are very low. However, taking it on your own might lead to problems like headaches. The common misconception is that it might affect your height as well, which is not possible for adults. Always be sure to follow the guidelines provided by the doctor.

As you can see, many issues can be caused by this condition. However, the complicated part is that all of these health problems can be connected to some other diseases as well. That might increase the chances of getting the wrong treatment. In that matter, it is always the best solution to visit an expert for a detailed examination of your body so you can determine the right solution for any issue you are facing.

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