How to Get the Most Out of Your N64 Controller – A 2024 Begginers Guide

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The analog stick is the most basic control you will find on your N64 controller. You use it to control your camera as well as use special moves in all of the games.

The main reason you need an analog stick is because of its unique nature. This stick, unlike the C stick in the Mario games, is actually able to control the camera independently from your controller.

How exactly does this work? Well, there are four buttons on the front of the N64 controller, all of which lead to different directions. You can go left, right, forward, or back, and each of these directions are controlled by a different button.

Each of these buttons is used to make up a directional input to move you in that direction. Using this, you can not only move yourself around in a special way, but also use special moves in all of the games. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your analog stick.

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I’m sure you’ve already noticed that most of the N64 games have you using the right analog stick to look at objects. That is actually the right analog stick in action.

When you use the left analog stick, you are looking at the horizon. However, in order to look up or down, you simply rotate the stick’s 180 degrees. Now, if you want to look in a specific direction, you simply rotate the stick’s 180 degrees.

To look up or down, you use the right analog stick. This directional input leads to a special move where you aim upwards or downwards.

When you have these inputs in mind, you can try doing a few basic things. You can use them to jump, or shoot the arrows to fire off bombs.

However, you can also use the directional input to do a lot more. You can rotate your N64 controller like a rocket to spin around and shoot the arrow you’re aiming at. This is one of the better uses of the analog stick.

All of the games included in the Nintendo N64 package came with two buttons that allow you to control these moves. These are the B button and X button.

To figure out which button to use, you’ll need to play with your N64 controller in your hands and figure out which way the directional input points. If you’re really lucky, you will find a game that comes with a bonus feature. However, in most cases, you will need to find a game with this feature in order to enjoy the many features it has.

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