A Guide on How to Wear a Gold Chain

Gold has been the main essence of men’s fashion for ages. It is not like men do not have other jewel options. They surely do. However, men prefer wearing gold to portray strength, power, and status. Men of all ages loved the statement look of wearing a gold accessory. They especially preferred gold chains and pendants. Even today, rappers, singers, and even normal people are seen wearing gold.

Gold chains are the classiest yet easiest way to enhance one’s outlook. Adding the right kind of gold can tell a lot about one’s nature and personality. This article will help you with the perfect guide for wearing the chicest gold.

How Men Generally Style Their Gold Chain?

They are no rule of thumb for wearing and styling men’s jewelry. In the end, it is always what you feel confident and comfortable wearing. Being general, If you are looking for the best eye-catching gold chain for men, go for the 22k or 24k thick chain. Therefore, choosing the ones for men makes sense to match the outfit.

Choosing gold chains is not a tedious task once you know what you want and choose the perfect one. You have no limited options; Gold chains are available in various styles, colors, and sizes at ItsHot.com. What you will wear with your necklace is what you should ask yourself. Some will go with each other, and some won’t.

You need to find the perfect gold chain at your trusted jewelry store that suits your style and best eclipses your personality. It will give your outfit a new look and make it look more elegant.

The ultimate guide for choosing a gold chain

Are you convinced to opt for a gold chain but not know what style will suit you? No need to worry anymore as you are on the right point. We will explain everything you will need before actually buying one.

The considering factors while making a purchase

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Here are a few factors you must consider before buying a gold chain for yourself.

Is It Really A Gold?

Sounds odd, right? Well, let us explain. Gold companies have a pure form of gold available. However, with the inventions and modernizations, people do not like the pure yellowish color of gold. The reason being is that the bright yellow color is a little too bright for a few skin tones.

Jewel makers add colors to make the gold appear a little light or give it a rosy color at times. Makers have also introduced white gold for people who don’t like the yellowish color of gold. Hence, know your preference.

The Concentration Of Gold

Jewel makers have different carats of gold available. The chain ranges from 14K to 24K. However, they aren’t real gold. These include other metals, such as zinc, copper, silver, and nickel. The thickness of the chain increases as the karat increases. There is no standard concentration of gold in the chains. Typically, a 10K one worth around a thousand dollars. Moreover, the price of it increases as the gold’s karat.

The Thickness Of Gold Chain

Thicker chains can support the weight of pendants and strengthen delicate designs. If larger links are formed, such as a box chain or snake chain, it is often more resilient to twisting and bending. The thickness, on the other hand, will be determined not only by your own style but also by how you want to wear them—with or without a pendant.

The Chain Links

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Chain necklaces with pendants like canine tags and crosses preferably fall between 22 and 24 inches. Conversely, a container chain has a four-sided shape, and its chain includes rectangular hyperlinks. The herringbone and omega chains are flat and shaped with hyperlinks, while a snake one has a rounded tube appearance with diffused zigzag patterns.

Men’s gold chains are available in several lengths, from 14 to 30 inches. Relying upon the appearance, you need to create. However, the latter has twisted hyperlinks equivalent to a rope. In comparison, a wheat chain is shaped with the aid of using oval hyperlinks woven collectively equivalent to wheat stalks.

The wheat and twine chain are comparable in appearance. If you need to layer your chains, begin with 22-inch and 24-inch ones so one can upload a few aspects for your ordinary T-shirt. A bead chain is frequently used with canine tag necklaces and is crafted from ball-fashioned hyperlinks joined with the aid of using quick lengths of wire.

Ways to Style Your Gold Chain

The art of styling is simple. A few simple rules define the classiest wear for gold chains.

  • The formal dress requires elegant jewelry. Wearing a thin chain might look a little extra. Moreover, it may also overshadow your personality.
  • On bigger occasions like weddings, wearing it could be a true representation of your status and power. You can wear any thickness as far as medium length.
  • If you are going on a blind date, you should consider the thickness. The first impression matters a lot. It is important to choose decent gold chains. Moreover, that chain must be a little hidden. However, if you are impressed based on your financial status, thick ones can work for you.
  • Wearing it regularly is normal. However, it would be best to choose a one-way fit for all kinds of chains. The length, karat, thickness, and style you can wear every day.
  • Keep yours a little personal. Accessories pretty much tell you about the person; hence, while choosing mens gold chains, you must be considerate to choose wisely.


Source: thetrendspotter.net

Now that you know everything about gold chains and their styling tips. You must make a purchase and slay your attire perfectly. Choose something you like and prefer. Something that is personally connected to you, like a dog tag.

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