9 Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Your Swimming Pool Cleaning Business

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There are many ways in which pool cleaning business owners and pool cleaning service Tucson can take pool maintenance to the next level. But in order to do that, you have to pay attention to many different aspects. Like any business, this one requires maximum commitment to gain and retain customers. Modern equipment is also necessary in order for the job to be done in the best possible way in the shortest possible time, which allows you to have more clients.

In order not to disappoint the expectations of current and future clients, it is important that you constantly improve your services. The following tips may be helpful.

1. Talk to people in the industry

Talking to these people and suppliers will help you keep your business on track or finally on the right track. Since there are different categories of equipment, we are sure that some of the suppliers will suit you. They will give you valuable advices on newest trends like PoolPro software which can jump-start your business.

2. Get quality equipment

Good equipment is half the job done. This is the only way your customers will be satisfied, because thanks to the equipment, you will be able to thoroughly clean their pools. The basic tools for the pool include water test strips, as well as the entire test kit, algae brushes, hand vacuum cleaner, filter cleaner and other articles that you can find in specialty stores.

3. Check the maintenance checklist

This is another important item that you should not neglect when it comes to pool maintenance. To make sure that the pool is properly cleaned, it is necessary to adhere to the control list. This means that you will pay attention to every detail such as testing chlorine, pH level, water level, etc.

The check also includes emptying the skimmer and pump baskets, filter pressure, checking the water surface and everything else. Of course, it is important to check the total alkalinity, as well as the presence of algaecides, clarifiers and meals. Cleaning the pool deck and surroundings is an indispensable part of the job, as is checking the manometer.

4. Inspect the area around the pool

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You will start the cleaning work only after you have performed a visual and sound inspection of the pool, as well as the pool equipment. For example, check chemical readings and equipment. Only if everything is completely correct can you move on to the main cleaning tasks.

5. Take care of the filter

Although cleaning the filter is one of the basic tasks, make sure you do it properly otherwise the customer will be satisfied. If you do not clean the filter and the pump basket well, the dirt will re-create very quickly and your service will not make sense.

Remember that the process differs depending on the type of filter and pump basket. Cleaning the pump is a slightly more complex process, because it involves several different steps, so always read the instructions of the manufacturer or installer of the pool.

6. Use power wash

If you want the deck to shine completely and do a great job, we recommend electric washing. Washing under pressure will help you remove all the dirt in the layers. Before that, you need to remove all visible dirt from the surface. Move the device at least a few feet from the surface of the pool deck and maintain the same height so as not to make a dent. This way you will remove all stains and rust.

7. Upgrade your knowledge

In order for your job not to be in vain, you need to educate your employees about cleaning the pool, and if you are not sure that they can do a good job, look for new workers. We are sure that additional education will help them progress. You can opt for a pool maintenance and cleaning course.

8. Protect the pool wall

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If you work with a pool that is intended for small children, it is mandatory to do this. Don’t forget to pay as much attention to the pool wall as to the water in it. Damage to the edge or surface around the pool is a consequence of frequent sitting or standing on the upper rail of the pool. In addition, you may notice wrinkling, cracking, or crumbling pages.

Rust from the area around the pool will end up in the water very quickly if the top rail is not changed. Talk to your clients to point out the potential danger to the pool walls. Equally bad influence are the branches of falling trees, insects, animals, mowing too close to the wall, etc.

9. Properly treat the pool during the winter

If you are preparing a pool for the winter, pay attention to a few key items. First of all, it is important to thoroughly clean the pool and add the intended chemicals to the water. In addition, remove all dirt and chemicals, and store the ladders for the pool and other equipment in a safe place. Allow the filter to run for a while before removing the motor and pump.

These parts of the pool are also disposed of in an appropriate place. The water flows below the gate and the skimmer, and the pool should not dry out completely. Otherwise, you may damage it due to low temperatures. Of course, antifreeze for the pool is a must. Finally, the pool is covered with a winter cover of the appropriate size.


In order to raise your business to a higher level, it is important to find the right customers. Many well-known companies started their business by going door-to-door and presenting their services to clients. Today, you don’t have to do this to make people notice your services, because there are much simpler ways to advertise. For example, Google Maps can help you identify which homes have a pool in your backyard. Pay attention to the season, because in that period you can use a lot of interesting marketing tricks. However, the most important thing is that your company provides quality, knowledge and adequate equipment to its customers.

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