5 Ways To Improve Your Home In 2024

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Home improvement is such a broad and varied topic. Unlike the TV show sharing the same name, it can be a hassle to sort out, and deciding how you want to go about it can be difficult.

This is an excellent way of increasing the value of your property and keeping your home fresh and evolving. Leaving your home to fall into disrepair will make it far more costly to renovate when the time comes, so keeping up to date is recommended.

There are many ways to improve your home, from simple methods to costly renovations. RWInvest, one of the best property investment companies in the UK, has put together this list to give you some ideas on how to improve your home in 2024.

Use Smart Technology

Smart technology is becoming one of the most popular methods of home improvement and can make your life a lot easier. Being able to link everything in your home means you can control everything from your phone or a central hub.

Having smart technology can connect your entertainment systems to one simple connection. It can also be used to link things like locks and lights, so no more worrying about if you left the lights on after you lock the door!

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Using a smart meter for your energy is a great way of saving money as well. With the cost of living rising, trying to reduce energy bills is a must. Many energy companies will offer their best tariffs only to those with smart meters.

They are free to install, so this is one of the easiest and best ways to improve your home. It costs you very little and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Aside from making your life easier and taking the economical route, smart home technology is now designed to fit your personal style. Any house feels homier when there’s good lighting. And not just good, a smart one so you can control it anywhere, anytime.

Vont smart lights are crafted to let you choose your own colors and express your lighting needs with its 16 million color options. You can revamp any room with smart lighting and set scheduled themes for any occasion.

Repaint Your Home

This may sound like common knowledge but a fresh lick of paint can make a world of difference. It can brighten up your home and make it seem not only newer but also more modern.

Try using neutral colours such as white or grey, these not only help brighten up your home but are natural colours. They can also cover up any repairs to the walls better.

When choosing what colours to go for, try to find water-resistant acrylic or eggshell paints as these protect your walls best from stains and damage.

Bold and gaudy shades such as yellow or green can be too jarring for some, so if you are looking to sell in the near future maybe avoid tones such as these.

Consider an Extension

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If you are looking at a long-term home improvement, extensions can be a good way to go. A second bathroom, an extra bedroom, a conservatory, and having more space can be a really good thing.

This is naturally an expensive task, and one that will take months if not years to save up for and complete. From designing the extension to paying for contractors and materials, it will cost a substantial amount.

However, it can add a large amount to the value of your property, and who wouldn’t like to have a downstairs bathroom or a conservatory to relax in? Extensions can improve your home by giving you more space to breathe, as well as added comfort.

Plan Out Your Outdoor Space

Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to be cooped up indoors for a long time, outdoor space has become an important respite for many.

Be it a balcony, a terrace or a garden, having somewhere to get fresh air and some peace and quiet can be a great way to unwind, especially if you are working from home.

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Try planning out how you want your outdoor space to look. A unifying theme through garden furniture can help make it look far more attractive, as can looking after any lawns or vegetation you have.

Plants are also a good idea, as they help to make your home feel more lived in. They also have scientifically proven health benefits, such as reduced stress levels and an improved mood.

Look At Your Flooring

Carpets can be an absolute nightmare to keep clean. Food, spilt drinks, pet hair; the number of things that can damage a carpet is uncountable.

Having tatty-looking carpets can make your home look untidy, and can lower the property value if you are looking to sell. It can also be expensive to have them cleaned or replaced.

Consider instead laminate flooring. It is cheaper to install, easier to clean and looks smooth. You can use rugs to break up the shape of the floor and give you something softer to walk on.

Certainly in rooms where you can expect a lot of spillages, such as the kitchen or bathroom, laminate or tiled floors are a must otherwise you’ll be fighting stains for years.

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If your heart is set on having carpet flooring, try spending more to get a really good underlay. It can make even the cheapest carpet feel thick and rich, and that way you can buy cheaper carpets and still get a nice feeling under your feet.

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