Jared Toller Net Worth 2024

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Jared Toller is the husband of the very popular model Constance Nunes. He is an autophile and Jared’s wife Nunes is very passionate about cars as well. She models for high-profile car brands. The love story of the two is quite interesting, and they put it as something along the lines of “damsel in distress.” Today, they have been one of the power couples in the show business industry.

Keep on reading the article till the end to figure out more about Jared Toller and the love story which got him a beautiful wife.

About Jared

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As of 2024, Jared is 30. He was born on November 5 and raised in the United States. He is of white ethnicity and is an American. Though he avoids the spotlight, he is such an autophile. It was because of his marriage to Constance Nunes that the world has known him better. The exact profession of Jared is not known but he deals in the world of cars and it is also said that he might be a model, owing to his picture-perfect photos with his wife Nunes. His zodiac is Scorpio.

Early Life And Family

Jared used to work in her dad’s garage since he was a teenager, and this got him hooked up to the passion for cars. His wedding with Constance Nunes in 2019 gained massive attention. The couple married in California in a very grand setting. Not to be surprised, the theme was related to cars, with Constance herself wearing a very glamorous black colored dress. Most of the things were black, including their wedding cake!

Jared has mentioned that he fell in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her. They both were at a get-together party, and this was the first time they both met. From the moment he saw her, Jared was dying to talk to Nunes, and finally approached her when he saw her struggling to open a wine bottle. He reached out and helped her, poured two glasses of wine and the rest is history!

After dating for nearly eight years, the duo decided to tie a wedding knot. And since then the lovebirds are living a very happy life.

His Career And Major Milestones

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He isn’t very public with his work life. So, unfortunately, not much is known about his profession. Fans can also guess about what he might be. Many say he is a model, who keeps being seen in his wife’s social media posts. There’s no soundproof as to what profession he engages in.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Him

Being a very private person, one can only guess how many things are unknown about him. Some interesting things about him are:

  • Roller was fortunate to get the wife of his dreams, as Constance would only date someone who has a passion for automobiles.
  • It isn’t easy to digest that he doesn’t have a social media account on Instagram.
  • Jared’s wife has also been a stunt woman in a few movies. Her love for cars arose at a young age with her father being an amateur car racer and a mechanic.

Net Worth

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Just like his professional life, Jared’s net worth is not known. His wife’s net worth is $1million. They both live in luxurious houses and own very expensive car collections.

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