Jamie O’Brien Net Worth 2024

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Jamie O’Brien is one of the most talented freesurfer currently. He is an expert in surfing dangerous waves. He is also a cinematographer who has starred in several movies. With countless surfing awards to his name, awards don’t even matter to him anymore. He went on to create another genre of surfing – free surfing. Go on reading to know the adventures of this super adventurous man!

About Jamie

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Jamie is a professional surfer. He surfs on Pipeline, or simply Pipe, the most dangerous reef of North Shore, Hawaii. Very huge waves break at this spot and it is the perfect place for risk-taking surfers to tube ride. He is a professional surfer, influencer, and vlogger. At the age of 21, he won the Pipeline Masters and became one of the youngest winners in history.

He loves filming and traveling the world. Owing to his love for cinematography, he has also been the producer of two films. Apart, he is a star of 9 season-long TV series called “Who is JOB.” It has amassed more than 90 million views over the years.

Early Life And Family

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Jamie Duncan O’Brien was born on 9th June 1983 in Hawaii, U.S. He grew up seeing Pipeline, which is very famous for its surf reef. His father Frank used to work as an onshore lifeguard. Though, initially, he was quite afraid of the waters, with time he overcame his fears and went on to fearlessly master them.

He started surfing at the young age of six and until his early 20s actively participated in surfing competitions and brought many awards home. By the age of 16, he had gained enough media attention. When he was making a good career in surfing, his dad used to be his manager. But in his later years, he got more inclined towards free surfing rather than surfing according to the rules of competitions.

He is unmarried and currently dating Tina Cohen, a health expert and a surfer herself.

His Career And Major Milestones

In 1995 and 1996, Jamie O’Brien was the runner-up at United States Surfing Championships (USSC).

He has also won the ASP World Junior Championships. In 2001, despite his groin injury O’Brien participated in Pipeline Masters and was ranked 4th.

In 2005 O’Brien got the Boost Breakthrough Performer of the Year Award. The same year, having lost interest in competitive surfing, he became a free surfer.

He produced two movies Freakshow and Freakside.

He also acted in the movie Who is Job in 2010.

Later, Red Bull TV made it into a TV series that started in 2012 and ended in 2019, with 9 seasons in total.

His YouTube channel started in 2012. Currently, he has around 700K subscribers. Further, on Instagram, he has above one million followers!

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Him

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In 2019 he underwent an accident as his head got hit on a reef pipeline. The injury was severe and he ended up with 9 stitches in the head.

As a part of making a statement against competitions, he burned the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) rulebook.

Net Worth

O’Brien’s current net worth is around $1.5million. Having Red Bull TV as his sponsors, he earned a huge fortune. His YouTube channel and Instagram also bring in a fair amount of money.

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