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Andy Bassich is one of the six popular characters which star in the TV show “Life Below Zero.” He is an expert in survival methods and lives in Alaska with his 37 sled canine companions. He is an adventurer in a true sense, who survives in a Alaskan house without any basic human facilities! Scroll down to learn about the life of Andy Bassich and his net worth.

About Andy Bassich


This reality TV show star is one of the prime characters of Life Below Zero. The show highlights struggles of living in below-zero temperatures and showcases various different survival techniques. This BBC show is aired by National Geographic on TV and started in the year 2013.

Behind the screen, Andy also works as a musher who has 37 trained dogs and lends them whenever needed. He is an American who runs a Survival School where he trains people in various techniques to be deployed in extreme temperatures. For twenty years, he worked as a Riverboat Captain in the Yukon River, living in a house by the bank of the River.

Early Life and Family


Born on 25th January in 1958, in Washington DC, Andy has always wanted to go into the wilds and live a free life. He wanted to explore the world.

He graduated from John F Kennedy High School in 1976. Due to the weak financial condition of the family, he couldn’t continue his studies further. He was quite interested in fine arts. Soon after his graduation, he took a job as a carpenter and a professional cabinet maker. Finally, making his dream come true at the age of 22, he travelled across the US and moved to Alaska in 1980.

In 2003, he met his ex-wife Kate Rorke when he was a Riverboat Captain. For more than a decade of living together, Kate filed for a divorce in 2015. In 2016 they officially got separated. It is unclear whether they have any children or not.

Andy is dating Denice Becker who had nursed him in Florida after a major injury he had during the shooting of Life Below Zero. Currently, they both stay together in Alaska.

Career and Major Milestones

After his graduation finished, Andy started working as a carpenter in Virginia in 1976.
Having an interest in hunting and dog training, he wanted to set out for Alaska in 1976, but his plan got delayed because of his sister’s marriage.

He finally started his journey in 1980 and settled there, making his living as a musher.
To supplement his income, he worked for over two decades as Riverboat Captain in River Yukon. He was even granted a license from Coast Guard Marine.

In 2013, due to excellent skills he started his TV show journey with the documentary Life Below Zero.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Andy


He was missing from the show Life Below Zero for a significant amount of time, due to his hip injury and several infections.

Andy and Kate lost all of their possessions to a flood in the Yukon River in 2009.

Andy has also been featured in shows like Sue Aikens, Jessie Holmes, and Chip and Agnes Hailstone.

Net Worth of Andy Bassich

Currently, Andy stands at a net worth of about $300,000. In terms of fame and money, Life Below Zero has contributed much. He is said to earn $100K from this TV show.

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