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Linus is a very popular technoid in the Internet world. With all the efforts he has made, he is a millionaire and a proud owner of various YouTube channels including the one which has over 4 billion views in total!

His videos are very informative and keep his tech-nerd audience interested. He is also the CEO of a company called Linus Media Group.

About Linus Sebastian


Linus Sebastian is a very talented person and he has been proving this throughout his career. He is the CEO of the company “Linus Media Group.” It is a production agency he founded in 2013.

His wife Yvonne is the Chief Financial Officer of the same. His team has several other members also. Linus is very passionate about technology and videography.

His YouTube channels have more than 20 million subscribers combined. His storytelling, tech knowledge, interesting projects, detailed instructions, tips, quick fixes grab the attention of its audience superquick.

His four Youtube Channels are Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie, ShortCircuit, and TechLinked. Linus Tech Tips is the flagship channel with over 13million subscribers.

Owing to all this, LTT has become the most-watched Technology channel as of 2024. Magazines and articles have featured Linus as well.

Early Life And Family


Linus Sebastian was born on August 20, 1986, in Vancouver, Canada. He was raised along with his four siblings, Isabelle, Emily, Asher, and George. When he was a teenager, technology used to fascinate him so much that he dropped out of the University of British, Columbia. He had finished his schooling in Garibaldi Secondary School.

In his school days, he took a part-time job with NCIX, a computer and hardware retailer company. Later he started working full time there.

In 2011, Linus married Yvonne Ho. The couple is living a happy life and they both share three kids– one son and two daughters.

His Career And Major Milestones


His career started when he started working for NCIX as a salesperson. Because of his skills, soon the company became the #1 seller. Consequently, Linus was given other positions of responsibility like core components manager, product designer and a few years later he became category manager.

In 2007, seeing the competitors making videos of their products, NCIX ordered Linus to host a channel for demonstration of their products. That’s how Linus Tech Tips was born in 2008. Later due to an argument, he left the company and separated his channel.

Linus started borrowing products from his previous company and featured them in his videos. Soon he gained massive attention from viewers and the channel became a success.

In 2013, he founded Linus Media Group. The company was started in his garage. He and his team worked real hard to stand where they are today. Now, Linus is a tech expert, a Youtuber, and a successful CEO.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Him

• He was also ranked 4th in “Top 30 power players” in the field of technology, by Inc. Magazine.
• Sebastian has a personal channel, ‘LinusCatTips’ where one can see his family and his two Bengal cats.
• All the fame he has received can be summed up in his 8 silver buttons, 4 golden buttons, and 1 diamond button from YouTube!

Net Worth

Sebastian’s net worth is around $6-8 million. His YouTube channels and company contribute most to it. He also gets a good amount through advertisements.

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