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Chris Heria is a very renowned name among fitness freaks. He is a certified trainer, an athlete, and a fitness expert who keeps helping people in becoming their fittest selves. Even as a little child, Chris was quite passionate about fitness and has always wanted to become a fitness expert.

He is based in Miami and through his YouTube fitness channel, training academy, and fitness centers, he keeps serving others. Go on reading to know more about this celebrity.

About Chris Heria


Chris Heria was born on 21st December in 1991 in Miami, Florida. He is counted as one of the best fitness trainers globally. He founded the ThenX fitness program through his website called Having won numerous competitions, he has proved himself in the fitness world.

Starting from 2016, he has gained massive support on his YouTube channel. People thank him for helping them out. He keeps sharing his diet and nutrition online, to help his followers. Till now he has helped thousands of people and the statistics keep growing each day.

Early Life And Family


As a child, Chris dreamt of becoming something in the fitness world. He skillfully took his talents forward. He attended St. Brandon High School and then directed his path totally towards health and fitness.

After traveling the world, competing in various locations he finally came back to Miami to start his online career in his early twenties. Chris went on to open his first gym with the name Calisthenics Academy. Over the years, his influence and growth kept on increasing.

Very little is known about his personal life. He has nowhere mentioned his parents. As of the latest news, he is single. He has a son named Zen but nothing is known about the mother.

His Career And Major Milestones


The career of this 29 year old, as a fitness trainer started when he opened his first gym Calisthenics Academy in Miami. Soon he opened his other centers at various other locations. To expand his reach, he founded his website Many tutorials, routines, and fitness programs can be found there.

He then started his Youtube journey in 2016 and has gained the attention of 3.2M subscribers by now. He uploads videos related to exercises and nutrition.

His team also developed a mobile app. Taking his net worth to another level, he has an apparel line and vest business. He has more than a million followers on Instagram. All of this makes him one of the highest-paid fitness Youtubers.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Heria


• He is a member of and is also sponsored by BarStarzz which is a popular workout team.
• Like his father, Zen Heria is also a fitness freak and likes working out.
• Chris is a tattoo person. He has many tattoos all over his body including the one of Albert Einstein!
• He is a wealthy man, and his annual income is said to be over $100K.

Net Worth

As of the latest estimate, Chris has a net worth of around 7 million dollars. His income sources include his fitness centers and academy in Miami along with various social media platforms he is on.

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