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Disguised Toast is the most remarkable name in the gaming world. You will be impressed to know his methods and skills with a dash of his extraordinary approach. He is also a well accomplished YouTuber. Also an outstanding streamer.

If you’re a fan then why don’t you read more to explore more about this dynamic persona.

About Toast


Toast is a versatile personality with his own touch of aesthetics. Disguised Toast also known as Jermy Wang is the heartthrob of the people over the internet. This sensation is a YouTuber and streamer.

You must be familiar with the digital card game used for gaming named the ‘Heartstone’. And what is it with this person? Jermy Wang created his videos based on the heartstone. In 2015 it was developed in association with Blizzard Entertainment.

He rose to fame through his YouTube channel and so later started with steaming. In the famous Office TV,he got a job which is an online game content creation in 2107. It was again in 2019 that he associated with Facebook for a gaming pact.

Early Life And Family

November 25 is the birthdate of Jermy. Taipei became his native country in 1991.He was born and brought up in Taiwan. His early life was more like travelling or multinational because he and his family initially transferred from Malaysia to Canada. And it was where he got his education. Janet was Toast’s lover, also a streamer named xChocoBars who started in 2018. But it did not last and they went apart in 2024 as per Janet’s post on Twitter.

Career And Achievements

Jermy created his YT channel in 2015 which garnered 3.53 million subscriptions.He became a Twitch streamer in 2016 and later became a part of Office TV in 2017. And after a year he collaborated with Facebook and it was in the same year that he became an internet sensation as his videos were widely loved by people. He won the title of 11th ‘Streamer of the year’. He also featured in Blind eDating in 2024 and Forbes 30 for the gaming sector.

Facts About Toast

In 2016, his face mask flew during his live session due to which his face was known to the world.

IN 2017 due to oversleeping he missed the chance to win ONOG Major Circuit but was a thirty-second contestant on The top list.

As he had a software glitch which advantaged him, so his Heartstone account was prohibited for 3days.

His Twitch account was also prohibited on 25 April,2024 to keep up the community guidelines.

Net Worth

$2 million is the total estimation of his wealth which mainly comes from his social media platforms along with $4000 from ads and $2500 from funds per month.

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