How to Check if Your Laptop Display Is Truly Broken


A malfunctioning laptop screen can manifest itself in many different ways. The most common malfunctions are caused by some kind of external impact. Did you drop or bump your notebook screen? Don’t panic, these days replacing your laptop screen is a simple chore for a service. A faded laptop screen doesn’t mean your computer or monitor is automatically broken, so it’s worth trying a few things before resorting to repair.

Turn on the screen

Some laptops have a separate key to turn the screen on and off, or you may have switched to external screen mode. The most common solution is to use the “FN” + “LCD” keys to turn on your laptop screen.

Bad screen resolution


Laptop monitor display errors can be either software or hardware related. The first thing to check is the screen settings in the “Settings” menu. This is where you can set the optimal resolution for your laptop’s display. You can find the resolution of your laptop’s display in the included specifications or, if there are no more, on the manufacturer’s website. Optimally, Windows or another operating system sets the laptop’s screen resolution on its own.

You can also check that the laptop screen is defined as the primary display in the “Settings” menu. To do this, simply click on the “Detect Display” button, and a big white number 1 or 2 will appear on your laptop screen. It’s good if the number 1 appears on the laptop screen, otherwise, change the setting.

Check the memory


The laptop screen may fail if the memory module is faulty. If your notebook has two separate memory panels, remove one of them or replace it if the malfunction persists. If your laptop has a faulty memory, you should replace it as soon as possible.

Try turning the laptop on with an external monitor. If you are sure the laptop is on and the monitor is still dark, try connecting an external monitor. The external monitor should be plugged in before the laptop is turned on, as the system recognizes it at startup, “Plug and Play”.

Check your laptop monitor with a flashlight

If you shine a flashlight on the monitor and see an image of a loaded system, then only the CCFL or LED bulb on the display is faulty. The faulty circuit or lamp will be diagnosed and replaced by a service technician, which means a complete replacement of the display panel.

If your laptop monitor has a hardware malfunction, you definitely need the help of a professional. At the service center for laptop repair competent specialists perform disassembly of the monitor without damage and, if necessary, replace damaged or broken parts, thereby eliminating the malfunction of the laptop display. It is recommended to take your laptop to a specialized repair shop, where purchased parts are installed free of charge and immediately, as well as provide a warranty.

Troubleshooting laptop display


In the event of a broken laptop display, don’t panic, and don’t be frightened. In case of a laptop display malfunction, it is necessary to check the hardware of the device, then diagnose and replace it in the desktop/laptop or specialized macbook repair shop, where only the necessary work will be done in a short time with a warranty. We recommend the following topics for further reading: laptop display troubleshooting, repairs, display failure, hardware maintenance.

A malfunctioning laptop screen is usually an unexpected problem that can leave your portable device in complete disrepair. Fortunately, at a laptop repair service, professionals can quickly replace a broken screen.

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