Top 5 Tips for Looking After Your Aston Martin


Staying on top of the upkeep for your Aston Martin is all a part of being a proud owner. These cars are a luxury and should be treated with the right level of upkeep and care. After you buy one, you could be wondering where to even begin.

There is, after all, a lot to think about from how to look after the battery to what is the best way to maintain the interior. This post has the top tips for Aston Martin owners looking for some guidance on how to keep their vehicles fancy and fresh.

1. Invest in a Cover

Your car is essentially a work of art. Therefore, it needs protection and the best way to do that is through investing in a good quality cover to keep it safe. Lots of people cover up their luxury vehicles with a canvas outer layer or similar, and it is easy to see why.

The last thing you want is exterior forces creating a mess or infiltrating the vehicle in any way, and it adds an extra layer of protection and security too.

2. Know Where to Go for Maintenance and Repairs


The key thing with luxury vehicles like these is to know where to go for bespoke maintenance or repairs. So, where can you find an Aston Martin repair near me?

The European Exotic Center is a great example of this type of service. Search for a specific luxury car establishment that knows how to support what an elite brand needs and where to find the most suitable maintenance assets.

3. Looking After the Battery

Just like any type of vehicle, the battery is extremely important. As a responsible owner, you should perform regular health checks if you feel confident enough to do so.

If not, taking the car to a garage will be quick and simple. This will protect the integrity of Aston Martin.

4. Luxury Brand Car Insurance


Don’t forget that luxury brands like this can often take advantage of specific insurance policies. These insurance covers are bespoke for the more expensive vehicles on the road, and therefore provide a higher value of cover and protection.

This avenue is definitely worth exploring to boost your chances of staying safe on the road or dealing with the aftermath of an accident (regardless of the circumstances).

5. Safe Storage

Where you store the car is extremely important. It is no secret that luxury vehicles are more vulnerable to theft or damage. The best place for optimum safety is a locked garage with CCTV installed to watch over the car when not in use.

If this is just not an option, consider enhancing security around the vehicle, for example, a tracker or strategically placed camera to keep a watchful eye over it when you can’t be there in person. Luxury cars are a significant asset, after all.

Your Aston Martin is a prestige purchase. It requires, therefore, luxury levels of care. Meticulous maintenance of both the interior aesthetic design and the mechanisms is a must, alongside regular professional checks and a stellar insurance policy. Don’t forget the cover!

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