Matthew Gray Gubler Net Worth – 2024 Guide

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The handsome yet quirky Matthew Gubler is a role model to many. But is it just actors who look up to him? Not at all. The celebrity proves to be something of an allrounder. He has built his career in various artistic fields like acting, modeling, and painting. There is much more to this personality than his charm that inspires anyone. Read till the end to know more.

About Matthew

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With his physique and good-looking face, the actor can charm anyone quite easily. However, that is not all the actor has to boast about. He has a vibrant personality and likes to challenge himself to pursue all that he is passionate about, a lot like the nerdy chipmunk, Simon, who shares the same voice as Matthew. Keeping up with his charismatic personality, he has dated many beautiful women over the past including Marisa Moris, Taylor Swift, and Kat Dennings.

Early Life And Family

This charming personality was born on March 9th, 1980, to his parents John Gubler and Marilyn. Matthew was raised in a bourgeois family alongside two siblings named Gray and Laura. Matthew is an American brought up in the state of Nevada and follows Christianity. His education was partly from LA and partly from New York. Matthew obtained a film directing degree, which did not come as a surprise because he was exceptional at acting right from the start.

Matthew’s Career And Major Milestones

Matthew started as an exceptional model and it did not take him much time to leave an impression in peoples’ minds. He soon began acting and landed his debut film, “The Life Aquatic”. He went on to direct, edit, write and produce well-received films. In 2006, Matthew produced a show which documented actors’ inappropriate behavior on sets. The multi-talented actor also took a shot at directing music videos.

He went on to give voice to the adorable, nerdy chipmunk named Simon from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”. He went on to play roles in many movies and television shows as well. Today, Matthew is best known for bringing the character of Dr. Spencer Reid from ‘Criminal Minds’ to life.

Apart from his success in acting, Gubler is also prospering concerning other aspects of his career.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Matthew Gray Gubler

Here are a few things you probably did not know about the immensely talented personality:

1. Magician

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We know that the multi-talented celebrity has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. But, here is one trick not many know. Much like the character he portrays, Matthew is a huge fan of magic tricks and he loves performing them.

2. His co-star is his best friend

Matthew Gubler and Paget Brewster are both brilliant actors but the chemistry both the characters depict on “Criminal Minds” leaves a mark. That chemistry is a reflection of a great bond between the two best friends.

Net Worth

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The actor has an estimated net worth of $10 Million.

With a salary between $3.5 Million to $4 Million from “Criminal Minds” alone, the actor has accumulated quite a fortune for himself. Apart from this, he earns from his well-established careers as a painter, director, filmmaker, producer, model, and also, as author. Not much else is known about his monetary assets, except that he probably resides in a haunted house.

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