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Everyone must have heard the voice of Richardson Green at some point in their lives. We often tend to ignore the voices behind the scenes which give trailers and movies an entirely extraordinary outlook. Professionally called Redd Pepper, he is a well-known voice-over artist who was earlier a train driver. His most prominent works include Boogie Nights, Men in Black, Jurassic Park etc.

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About Redd Pepper

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Pepper’s vocal style is very similar to that of Don LaFontaine’s. Popularly known as ‘Mr Movie Trailer Man’, he is one of the UK’s most famous voice-over artists. Looking for a deep, majestic booming American voice, Redd is always able to deliver effortlessly. His recent works include advertisements campaigns for companies like Tesco and Kelloggs.

Early Life and Family of Redd Pepper

Birthed in the Caribbean, Redd shifted to the United Kingdom at a very young age. Having a rather secretive personality, Redd has only disclosed a few things. He completed his secondary education at Sedgehill High School. Post that, he started with employment at McDonalds, then worked as a fireman, and later started working as a tube motorist for the Underground Metro in London.

It was there where he was offered to make use of his vocal cords for TV shows and advertisements. The scope became bigger with time. After his accomplishments, he was offered the job for the tube driver again, which he turned down solely because of the $3000 to $4000 he made in each movie trailer.

Career and Major Milestones

The 59-year-old man used to work as a driver for the London Metro. It was at that very place that a movie director noticed Redd’s voice. Redd delivered numerous voiceovers for promotions and television channels.

  • During the year 1996, Pepper started doing film trailers. His foremost was Space Jam.
  • Redd later recited Shadow Man in a video game.
  • Armageddon and Independence Day made people inaccurately interpret Redd’s voice as the same as Don LaFontaine’s.
  • Redd had gotten so famous, that he was able to be the replacement of Peter Dickson on The X Factor.

Things you didn’t know about Redd Pepper

  • Other than working at a restaurant, as a driver and a voiceover artist, Pepper was also an entertainer. He appeared in an Edinburgh Festivity production.
  • In the year 2010, he starred in the fame edition of Eggheads, a TV event.
  • The Nightly Show was also acquainted with Pepper’s hosting in the year 2017.
  • Trailers of many famous films like The Blair Witch Project, Are We Done Yet?, Mr Bean’s holiday etc. have a Green voiceover.
  • Other than that, tv-shows include The Culture Show, Deadline and The One Show.
  • Having a career based entirely on his voice, he has bought insurance worth $10 million for his vocal cords.

Net Worth

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As of June 2024, updated through many sources, the net worth of Redd Pepper is 1 million US dollars.

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