Want to Give Your Outdated Kitchen Cabinets a Fresh New Look? Try These 7 Tips

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Do you love to DIY some projects and parts of your home? If so, why not redecorate and color your old kitchen cabinets? You can bring so much style & beauty to your home with one simple touch-up. In fact, just by coloring it up and giving it a fresh pop and paint of color, you can change so much to your outdated style and look a lot more modern. No reason to spend a ton of money buying some new cabinets, when you can enjoy change by investing only a couple of hours and the right paint into the transformation. Here is what you can do!

Want to give your outdated kitchen cabinets a fresh new look? Try These 7 Tips:

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1. Change your hardware

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve the look of your kitchen cabinets is to replace the handles and the old worn-out hardware.

Look for cutting-edge alternatives at discount department stores, second hand shops, and shopping websites.

Make sure the width of the new pulls is the same as the old ones before you buy them to avoid having to drill additional holes, as this can be time-consuming.

In the event that you damage the cabinet’s paint while removing the old hardware, you’ll need to sand it down and repaint the affected areas.

2. Color your cabinets

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Your kitchen can feel so monochrome and outdated with the wrong shade of cabinets or with just a bleached and worn-out aesthetic. What you can do is spice up the look and transform it with a new color. As long as the frames and doors are structurally in place, you may clean them, repaint them, and transform a dull kitchen into a cheery one in a short time period. You should check out cabinet painting service as they offer 5-star cabinet refinishing and they carefully prepare the kitchen to get the job done. They work from 9 to 5 and will help you transform your kitchen in any shade you like. Get a free estimate and give them a call!

3. Color your walls as well

The kitchen looks fresher and smells better after receiving a fresh coat of paint. There are hundreds of colors you may use to paint your walls, and you’re sure to discover plenty that compliment your current flooring, cabinets, counters, and backsplash. Select a wall color for the room that you really like and that unites it. If you plan on doing the process on your own, make sure that you cover the furniture up and avoid making any mess. Have 2 full days for this project (ideally one weekend). If you need assistance figuring out which colors will produce the desired impact, speak with a professional decorator.

4. Add under cabinet lighting

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It’s not a $7,500 stove or a 4-acre fridge that’s lacking from most American homes. In fact, it’s just gorgeous lighting that can give your kitchen that ‘wow’ effect. Simple to install in place of existing upper wall cabinets, the concealed work lighting lights illuminate the countertop in a pristine white. The fixtures can be wired to a dimmer switch and used as a nightlight for late-night snackers or as dramatic accent lighting. You can install these on your own if you’re quite skilled and handy around thee house. Cutting the power at the breaker box first makes for a smooth and shock-free installation.

5. Sand kitchen cabinets

You can make a slight switch-up to your kitchen cabinets by adding this element to them. Try either hand sanding with sandpaper or by using a sanding sponge, scratch the current finish, and create an adhesive surface. Use 100 or 15 grit or lower-grade sandpaper.

After sanding, you may either clear up the mess with a portable vacuum dust buster or clean the surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth.

Before moving forward, halt and wait for it to dry. This will remove any excess wood and will allow you to enjoy a new coat.

6. Wallpapers

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You can go for a big, bright & open kitchen concept and glue down some cool wallpapers. It allows you to spice up the walls without painting them. It is a lot more affordable and creative. So, why not add visual interest and variety to your home? Wallpaper has the potential to make a dramatic impact in large rooms and give accents in smaller ones.

If you’re hesitant about making a permanent change, removable wallpaper like peel-and-stick is an option. It’s ideal for use as an alternative to a backsplash or on the back wall of open cabinet shelving. Be creative with it, and glue on!

8. Add an island

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If you want your kitchen to feel cozy and welcoming, avoid using an island with a built-in cabinet base and instead make the main workspace a table with a butcher-block surface. Due to the visible end grain or edge, these thick wood slab tops are more enduring than wood planks. As a result, they are significantly more resilient than laminate and, in terms of resistance to nicks and warping, can almost be compared to stone.

By contrasting the kitchen’s metal equipment and stone worktops, butcher-block islands that mimic 19th-century worktables can provide warmth to contemporary kitchens. You may either build a prep island out of inexpensive, easily accessible materials or purchase one of the many prefabricated islands offered by shops and manufacturers to give your kitchen this classic aesthetic.

Ready to spice up your look?

So, are you ready for your new kitchen transformation? Are you looking for some tips and tricks on how you can do this process? Just follow our recommended list and tips and you’ll be loving your new cabinets in the shortest time possible, yet with the least amount of money spent! Paint them with a professional service and see how much this changes your entire aesthetic! In the end, you’ll enjoy cooking 10x more!

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