The Top 9 Best Unique Fundraising Ideas


Are you looking for some unique and effective fundraising ideas for your charity or nonprofit organization? Look no further! Here are the Top 9 unique fundraising ideas that will help you raise the funds you need.  From movie nights to winery tours, there is something on this list for everyone. So get ready to start planning your next fundraiser!

  • Offer Hunting Trips by Charity Safaris

One of the most unique fundraising ideas is to offer hunting trips by Charity Safaris. Charity Safaris offers unique fundraising opportunities for nonprofit organizations through their exciting hunting trips. These hunting trips can be offered as rewards to donors, auctioned off in charity auctions or be offered as a prize in a competition.

Their hunting packages will take the winners to exotic destinations like New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina, where they will be able to hunt wildlife that is native to those areas. They also work closely with the organizers of the event and guide the winners throughout the process, which leaves you free to focus on your event.

What sets Charity Safaris apart from other fundraising options is that their trips are funded entirely by donations, allowing your organization to retain all profits. Hunting Trips by Charity Safaris can make a huge impact in your next fundraising event.

  • Host Walkathons


Hosting a walkathon is an excellent fundraising idea for charities and nonprofits of any size. Walkathons enable your organization to engage with participants in meaningful ways, as participants enjoy the chance to show their support for your cause by completing a physical challenge together.

Walkathons bring people from all over the community together, and those with less financial means can still take part by raising donations among friends and family. This way, your organization expands their reach without sacrificing the ability to raise funds for its mission. With a bit of creativity and passion, hosting a successful walkathon event can become an integral aspect of your charity or nonprofit’s fundraising efforts.

  • Have a Movie Night

Hosting a movie night is an exciting and creative way to support a charity or nonprofit. You can choose to have people come together to watch a movie, choosing from new releases or popular classics. To make the event more memorable, you can also involve food and activities related to the movie.

A costume contest, trivia, sing-alongs are all fun ideas that everyone can enjoy. Furthermore, you could also put donations in exchange for tickets like any other cinema event. Not only will it be a great opportunity for your supporters to get together and have some fun, but it’s also an enjoyable way to help raise funds for a great cause!

  • Organize a Golf Tournament


Golf tournaments are one of the most popular and unique fundraising ideas available to charities and nonprofits. It combines fun and competition, while engaging many different groups of individuals. Generally played in a scramble format, golf tournaments can be organized for both small teams or much larger groups.

As a fundraiser opportunity, take advantage of major sponsorships from corporate donors, silent auctions with items for competing golfers to bid on, or organized sales areas for spectators to purchase snacks or merchandise. This strategy is sure to draw in the support needed to make your tournament profitable.

  • Hold Online Raffles

Hosting an online raffle is an exciting, unique fundraising idea for charities and nonprofits to consider. It allows organizations to engage with their audience from the comfort of their homes. Not only does this reduce costs associated with running a physical event, but it also broadens the participant base as interested individuals can join from cities near or far!

To make the experience truly memorable and engaging, organizations can create unique ways for participants to join in – like selling tickets electronically or setting up unique leaderboard competitions. Online raffles are an easy way to incentivize donations while simultaneously building awareness around important causes.

  • Have a Fundraising Gala


Putting together a fundraising gala can be a great way for charities and nonprofits to make money. Having a special event like this gives donors something extra to be excited about, as well as an opportunity to have fun while contributing to a cause.

You can use your creativity in setting the atmosphere and decorating with clever themes or classic elegance, include entertainment that guests will enjoy, plan delicious menus of appetizers and drinks, and create activities like auctions or raffles for maximum profit. Everyone who attends is sure to remember the experience fondly and feel proud to have been part of it.

  • Have a Cocktail Hour

When it comes to unique fundraising ideas for your charity or nonprofit organization, cocktail hours can be a great way to increase donations while having some fun! Cocktail hour fundraisers bring together supporters, allow guests to relax and build relationships while enjoying their favorite drinks.

Not only are they unique, but they also have the potential to be both profitable and enjoyable. Some popular fundraiser ideas include organizing a silent auction at the event, offering unique signature drinks unique to the charity or organization being supported and even offering gaming tables as entertainment throughout the night.

No matter how you decide to design your cocktail hour fundraiser, it’s sure to be successful as long as you keep your supporters engaged in a meaningful way while still raising funds.

  • Offer a Tour to a Winery

For charities and nonprofits looking for an innovative and profitable fundraiser, offering a tour to a local winery can be a fun, unique way to engage the community and raise some funds! Participants will get to explore the vineyards through a guided tour, learn more about wine production processes, and most importantly sample the delicious wines on offer.

These tours are great because they involve people in physical activities outdoors – perfect for those who enjoy the fresh open air – while also incentivizing them with something special: the unique flavors of fine wines from the region.

Both adults and kids alike can have an educational and fun time learning about something new in a very special setting. This is sure to be something that everyone involved will remember for years to come!

  • Have a Casino Night

If you’re looking to raise some serious money for a good cause, why not host a night of casino games? Everyone loves the thrill of the tables, from roulette and craps to blackjack and baccarat – there’s something for everyone. Not only will this provide an exciting fundraiser event for attendees, but it can also generate substantial income for the charity or organization.

Make sure to have experienced staff on hand to help novice players, or designate certain times as tutorials so guests can get comfortable with the gameplay. Fun accessories like poker chips, cups and felt mats will add to the atmosphere and make sure your event is one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon!


Depending on your nonprofit’s mission and the people you serve, there are a number of different types of fundraiser events that can be successful. We hope this list has given you some good ideas to get started planning your next event and will make your event a smashing success!

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