6 Reasons To Hire A Party Bus For Your Birthday Party

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Planning a birthday party can be stressful. They require a lot of work and planning. From choosing a venue to settling on a caterer – all of this sounds way too complicated for us.

That’s why we think you should hire a party bus for these occasions. Not only does it make the event unforgettable, but it also ensures that everyone always stays together during the whole party, having fun at all times, just the way it’s supposed to be.

Now, if you haven’t thought about hiring a party bus prior to today, you’re probably wondering – is this even worth it? Couldn’t you just meet at the bar or a club and have a few drinks to celebrate your birthday? Well, you could. We won’t lie to you. But, party buses are a lot more than just a vehicle – it’s an experience.

Today, we’re going to tell you all about party busses and why you should hire one for your birthday party!

You Can Drink And Drive

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If you plan on drinking alcohol, it is best to not get behind the wheel. That is something we all know all too well, but unfortunately, that is also something some of us don’t really practise. As far as we’re concerned, drinking and driving is out of the question – for the sake of your own and others’ safety.

Seeing how birthday parties usually involve quite a bit of liquor – we suggest you skip the driving part and just focus on drinking. What we also suggest is you skip the Ubers and the taxis and just have your party on wheels.

Having a birthday party on a party bus means that you’ll have transportation at all times, without ever having to worry about additional costs, calling a cab, or anything similar. You’d drink to your heart’s content while someone else is operating a vehicle.

Suitable For All Party Sizes

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It doesn’t matter if you just want a small get-together or you want to invite twenty people over – the party bus has got you covered. These vehicles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so it really doesn’t matter how many of you are there – you’ll be able to find an appropriate vehicle.

There are party buses out there that sit up to five people, but there are also busses that can sit up to fifty people. Some of us don’t even have fifty friends or acquaintances, but if you do – there’s your answer for a birthday party.

Also, consider this. You want to have a party for twenty people at a local bar. You’ll have to make reservations for several tables, and that can be quite hard to pull off if you intend on going to a chic, popular spot. On the other hand, according to Libertypartybus.com, a party bus for twenty is just one click away.

Bar Crawling At Its Most Efficient

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If you intend on doing a bar crawl, which is something many do for their birthday, we suggest you forget about taxis and Ubers, and we definitely suggest you forget about walking unless you want to wake up in even more pain than you’ll inevitably do.

With a party bus, you can zip from one place to another in a matter of minutes, without ever having to wonder when’s the Uber arriving, will the music in the taxi be good, and will they even let you in because this is your fifth bar on the list, and you’re already pretty dazed.

So, if bar crawl is what you want to do for your birthday – hire a bus. You’ll be able to take a break or spice things up with another drink between bars while you’re driving around in your own party bus.

You Get To Choose What You’re Driving In

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We’re going to assume that if you’re considering renting a bus, you’re planning on doing something a bit extra for your birthday. Maybe you want to show off, spend a little extra, and make this a party to remember (or not-to-remember, if you catch our drift).

Whatever the case may be, a party bus rental service is at your disposal, and the best thing about it is – you get to choose the bus. Most of these companies and rental services have loads of buses in their catalogue, ranging from small to large party busses, but also, from less to more luxurious ones.

And, if your party’s kind of small, you may even want to consider renting a Phantom or a Bentley and really experience all the glitz and glamour of filthy rich.

You Get To Save Money On A Party

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Some of you may be like – what are you talking about? How can you save money when just a moment ago you were talking about Bentleys and Rolls Royce Phantoms? Well, we can, because contrary to popular belief, renting a party bus isn’t that expensive.

Let’s say you have a party of twenty that you want to invite. If you were to buy a round of drinks for all of them at your local club, you’d probably spend upwards of $500 on a single round of drinks. What do you think your tab would be at the end of the night?

On the other hand, renting a party bus, splitting the bill with your friends, and then buying alcohol in a liquor store will probably cost you a lot less than any other option, even though you’ll be basking in luxury the entire night. So, yes – you get to save money this way.

Your Friends Will Love It

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Finally, how many of your friends have ever been on a party bus, let alone partied in one? Not many, we’d assume. So, we’re quite confident that if you do decide to do this – both you and your friends will have one hell of a night.

Sure, going to the club, a bar, or someplace else is awesome, too – but getting to do something new is what’s going to make your friends feel on top of the world. We can guarantee it!


As you can see, a party bus is a lot more than just a vehicle that sits several people and drives them around town. It’s nothing short of a miracle. It’s a party on wheels! It’s a party that doesn’t stop! It’s an obvious choice for your next birthday!

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