Best PDF Editors for Windows


We have a variety of formats for drafting and storing files, like portable docs, DOCX, UTF-8, and RTF. The most convenient form is PDF, owing to its simplicity in drafting, sharing, and storing it. You need an excellent document editor to create and share files in PDF.

With several editing software at your disposal, choosing a suitable one for your device may prove cumbersome. Editors work well on some devices and poorly on others. Some work best on mobile devices, while others are good on windows. When searching for a PDF text editor for windows, we have many factors to consider, such as security features, UI, and On-Net/off-Net accessibility.

To simplify your search, we compiled a list of the best editing programs for Windows for you. But first, learn more about what PDF tools can do and how to pick the right one.

Opportunities of Different PDF Editors

The primary function of PDF editors is to enable us to draft and read documents in a portable format, but there is more you can do with different readers. If you deal with a lot of portable documents, then PDF Expert is an excellent way to go!

Adding, Highlighting, and Extracting Information From Files

File editors help us extract a section of info in a document, add new text, or highlight parts of the text in a document. This helps in keeping files relevant and updated. It also simplifies sharing required data instead of sending a whole file or creating the required one.

Working on a Project With Your Team

Document editors foster collaboration where team members access a file and work on different parts. If you are working on a project, team members can add suggestions through the comment feature or work on tasks assigned to them. This saves time and improves efficiency and unity among team members.

Promotes E-Learning

Online learning has become a new norm, and good PDF editing tools enhance teacher-learner interaction. Learners can access learning material, registration forms, and assignments in PDF online and fill them in on suitable editors. The note-taking feature on some PDF tools online comes in handy when jotting down notes and ideas before they are autosaved to the cloud.

Drafting Emails to Market Businesses


Reaching potential customers through electronic mail is a common way of marketing businesses. The PDF editing tools contain templates to assist you in creating emails for reaching prospects, following them up, and converting them to clients. This improves the client base and grows businesses as more people visit the internet daily.

How to Choose the Right PDF Editor for Your Needs

Before you pick a PDF editor, ask yourself three questions. How many users will access the software? How many files do you need to edit in a day? Do you prefer a non-paid version or a premium one? Such questions will guide you to the best software for your home or office.

Check out the following functionalities when choosing an editor for windows.

Does the Editor Keep Your Files Secure?

Creating and accessing files on windows may be risky, especially on a shared computer. The best PDF editor for windows should be password enabled or have a certificate of encryption capabilities. These security features will ensure that only allowed users can access the files on the device or the cloud.

Are the Editing Features Similar to Those of Windows?

An ideal PDF reader for windows should enable you to edit a PDF as you would edit a word file on windows. This simplifies the editing and saves time.

Can it Detect Scanned Files and Change Them to an Editable Format?

The best PDF editors for windows should have an OCR feature that detects scanned docs and converts them to an editable format. When you scan a form, you can go ahead to fill it out without retyping it first.

File Conversion From One Format to Another?

After you edit PDF text, you may need to share them in different formats such as word or excel. Good editors should have a conversion tool for exporting files in the preferred formats.

8 Best PDF Editors for Last Windows Updates

1. Atom


Atom enables users to access and edit PDF online on windows, zoom, and share it with other users. An exciting feature of Atom is the multiple-page viewing capability where you can compare files without changing tabs.

2. Libre Office


This PDF reader is among the best free PDF editors PC. Its UI is simple, and its annotation feature is the most straightforward. If you fill and sign forms often, go for Libre.

3. Lumin PDF


Are you in need of the best one-stop tool for all your edit PDF needs? Lumin PDF is the real deal. With this tool, you can make all changes to your document without downloading the app to your device. Moreover, it stores files in the cloud, simplifying sharing them with your staff, students, or clients.

4. Vim


Vim is an editing tool designed for Windows 2007 and the versions before. It has all the editing and annotation tools on windows and a format-changing tool for exporting files in different formats.

5. Sejda


Windows users with a limited number of documents to modify in a day should go for Sejda. With Sejda, you can read and edit PDF online for free and store the edited docs on the internet.

6. Adobe Acrobat DC


Adobe is the oldest PDF reader for windows but has advanced over the years. It is super-fast and ideal for adding comments, graphics, and highlighting text for printing.

7. UltraEdit


This software has all editing tools and is entirely free. To access and alter files on windows online for free, log on to UltraEdit and access all its features without limitation.

8. Smallpdf


Log on to Smallpdf online and access all the text modifying capabilities. It compresses files to the required feature. You can also alter the layout of your file by zooming it after you edit.


Windows offer us a convenient place to draft, view, and modify files. We have a wide range of editing tools supported on windows, and before choosing one, take time to analyze its functionalities and learn how to edit PDF on the software.

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