Vintage Slot Machines to Complete Your Retro Man Cave


Are you looking for that perfect finishing touch to your retro man cave? How about a vintage slot machine that you probably saw while playing online slots. Not only will it add some nostalgic character to the space, but you can also use it to entertain guests or as a unique conversation piece. Add a vintage slot machine to your game room, bar or man cave, and you’ll be sure to have the place everyone wants to visit. This article is all about where to find and what to look out for to find the perfect vintage slot machine to compliment your home.

Where to Find Antique Slot Machines

Slot machines can be found in various places, but the best place to find antique slot machines is at an auction. There are also online auctions specializing in selling vintage and antique slot machines.

Slot machine accessories are trendy at antique auctions, as well. These include:

  • Knobs and keys from the slot machines themselves
  • Cigarette cases that hold coins for them
  • Poker chips used to play games on top of or inside a slots machine cabinet
  • Dish towels made with images relating to these old slot machines in an attempt to fool people into thinking they are real
  • And sunglasses that the slot machine operators used.

Slots machines have a long history of being made, repaired, or refurbished to preserve them for future generations through repair or restoration efforts. Some collectors buy original parts from these vintage slot machines to be reassembled in a new machine. However, most collectors who purchase these parts go to little or no effort to restore slot machines because it is what they are used for that brings them joy and pride, but playing online games on minimum deposit casinos brings that classic old school feel antiques do if you can’t restore your antique.

Online Auctions


Several online auction sites specialize in selling slot machines. These include eBay, Yahoo and Google auctions and speciality antique machine dealers like Slot Machine Auctioneer or Slot Machines For Sale Online. Collectors can also find some great deals at the online casinos located worldwide. These sites often sell old slot machines when upgrading their gaming technology or no longer need older models of the same game.

Online Collectors Forums

Several online forums for slot machine collectors can be excellent sources to find information and advice about buying or selling old machines. These include Slot Machine Junkies (aka SMI) and the Antique Slot Machines Forum. Both go by the name ASM, so be sure to check the forum titles carefully.


Slot machines can also be found at many live auctions, although they are often sold in bulk lots and may not receive much attention or scrutiny during the bidding process. This is because slot machine collectors tend to focus on particular makes of games that interest them. The best thing to do is show up early, scout out the machines, and then visit other lots during a lull in the action when you can get some information from auction staff about any particular games that interest you.

Live Auctions

Many antique slot machine collectors attend live auctions of different types, including estate sales or auctions specializing in selling antiques and collectables. These events are great for finding slot machines because the sellers tend to have a much better idea of what they’re selling than at an all-purpose auction, where many different types of merchandise will be offered.

Antique Slot Machine Auctions


There is also a trend toward live slot machine auctions, where large lots of machines will be sold to the highest bidder. These events can also offer great deals on antique and vintage slot machines, but you need to do your homework before attending an auction like this so that you know exactly what is being offered as well as why it’s available to bidders.

Are old slot machines worth anything?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the value of an old slot machine can vary depending on a number of factors, generally speaking. However, older machines that are still in working condition may be worth more than those not. Additionally, rare or limited edition models may fetch a higher price tag than more common machines. On the other hand, some older machines may be worth less than what they sell for online or at local auctions.

It is also important to remember that an old slot machine can still have value even if it does not work anymore because of its collectable nature and sentimental attachments people attach to these devices from their youth.

Do Casinos Sell Old Slot Machines?

Some casinos do sell old collectable slot machines, but it’s not a common practice. The casino would likely only sell an old machine if it was no longer in use or if the casino needed to make space for new machines.

The price that a casino would offer for your slot machine will likely be much lower than its actual value. Chances are, you’ll make more money by selling to someone who is looking for an old-school gaming experience in their home or business.

If you come across a casino trying to sell old rare antique slot machines from World War II, try negotiating the price down. You might just be able to get some money for your machine from them.

Are Older Slot Machines Better than New Slot Machines?


There is no definitive answer to this question, as different people may have different opinions. Some people might prefer the older slot machines because they are more classic and simpler than the new slot machines, which can have more complex features and animations. Others might prefer the new slot machines because they offer more opportunities for winning and more excitement. Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide which slot machine they prefer.

In general, new slot machines have more features than older ones. Some of the newer slot machines are video slots that feature animations and audio tracks to provide a better gaming experience for users. These types of games can be appealing because they make players feel like partaking in an interactive movie or television show instead of playing a standard slot machine. However, this type of game can also be intimidating for some players who prefer the old-fashioned look and feel of a traditional slot machine over something that has more modern features like animation or sound effects.

Newer machines may have better payouts than older ones because they are often designed with players in mind, taking into account what people most enjoy when playing. Because casino owners want to attract as many customers as possible and keep them coming back for more games, they are always trying to make new slot machines that will appeal to the broadest range of gamblers without sacrificing quality or reliability.

While there is no definitive answer as to which type of slot machine is better, it all comes down to personal preferences. If you prefer the look and feel of an old-fashioned game with a simple design that allows you to focus on playing without being distracted by flashy animations or sound effects, then older machines may be for you.

We have all heard the argument that newer machines are better than old slot machines. But is this true? Well, there was a time when casinos had their own way of fixing and maintaining their older slot machine models. However, with so many vendors on today’s market who repair these gaming devices, it is a lot easier to get them fixed or repaired as soon as they break down. This way, the casinos can keep their players happy and return for more fun playing time at these places of entertainment.

However, if you are looking for an older slot machine that will give you some good old nostalgia along with some excellent wins, then you may want to consider buying one of these. They are less expensive, and they will give you a great sense of fun as well.

Rare antique slot machines made by Bally


The old slot machines that Bally made have had many changes over the years regarding hardware upgrades, but their software is still very much the same as it was back in their heyday.

All you have to do is find a place that still sells these older models and buy one for your personal use, or if you are lucky enough, go out on vacation and play some of them at casinos around town. You will be surprised at how they can still hold up under today’s conditions. They may not have a lot of bells and whistles, but when it comes down to getting you your winnings, these machines can do that for you in spades.

For those looking for something a little harder to find and maybe even more fun, you may want to look into an old Bally’s Rainbow machine. These were produced way back in the1970’ss, but they still have that classic Las Vegas feel with all of their bright colours and great sound effects.

When you are out on the town and want to find an older slot machine that is very much worth playing, take a look around at some of these old schoolBally’ss models.

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