How to Pick the Perfect House Door: 4 Tips to Help You Choose


First impressions are often the trickiest to change so one does everything in their power to appear their best. The same goes for houses. When you are inviting someone into your home, the first thing they will notice is the exterior. When they come to your entrance, they will ring the bell and wait for you to answer it. Meanwhile, all they have to look at is the door. The material, the design, the texture, the paint and how well it goes with the rest of the exterior.

Everything is looked at and it helps in creating an implicit judgment on what to expect inside. Even if the interior is beautiful to look at, the guests will be left wondering why the house door looked so different from the rest of the place. You build an ambience from the get go.

Therefore, it is important to have a good house door not only for protection but also for creating a good first impression. In this article, we will try to help you find the perfect house door with some tips.

Consider The Aesthetic Appeal

Let us go with the most obvious thing first. The appearance of the door makes for a make or break in the appearance of the home. One can go with a plain option or with a carved wooden option. The design will have to go with the interior and exterior simultaneously. Doors and windows Perth should be chosen with careful consideration about aesthetic appeal.

One should also consider the size of the residence. Everyone’s house is different which means that a gate to a villa will be different from the entrance into an apartment. The houses in suburbs will not have the same doorways as those on mansions. So choosing the appearance accordingly is extremely important because it needs to look good and match the appeal of the home.

The Size Matters


The size of the door is not something many people expect to consider which leads to complications later on. The main door in any home is larger than the doorways inside. The height needs to be considered with respect to the height of the general traffic expected inside the house as well as the height of the ceilings.

The width will depend on personal preference and whether it leads to a private number or a common area. Living room doorways are supposed to be spacious as compared to the doors leading into bedrooms or washrooms. The architect can help you out if you are feeling confused about the specific dimensions. The bottomline is that no one should feel uncomfortable while trying to cross the threshold into your home.

The Material of Construction for Functionality

There is no shortage of materials from which doors are made. The material is chosen on the basis of multiple factor switch we will list below:
● Durability and resistance to corrosion and frequent repairs
● Aesthetic appeal and texture of the material
● Color choices and matching palettes with the interior and exterior of the home.
● Temperature resistance and insulation value.
Wood is the most commonly used material for the construction of doors because of durability and design. Natural wood design is favored by many for a rustic look but there are some cons too. Wood tends to swell during the rainy season which makes it harder to close the doors and windows. It will also provide limited insulation and will be high maintenance if you want to prevent water damage.

Steel is a good option even if it gives a cold vibe to the entrance. It is one of the most durable options and is not susceptible to rusting even in drastic temperatures. Aluminum is cheaper but prone to rusting and will expect high maintenance and frequent repairs. Fiberglass and vinyl are expensive options but are being used because of their versatility and high functionality.

Know The Extent of Privacy


Everyone considers tehr home as a safe haven where they will be safe from everything at lets for a little while. Valuing and respecting privacy thus becomes important while designing one’s home. If we are specifically talking about the main door of a house or one which leads to a private area like the bedroom or toilet, one would not want something like glass.

Let us take the concerns one by one. For main entrances, you require a certain level of protection along with adequate means of protecting your privacy. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood you would not want a single piece of glass between you and any possible intruder. Some level of reinforcement is necessary for personal safety.

If you do not know who is on the other end, you do not want to alert them with your presence. A peep hole in an opaque gate is the perfect solution to both of these problems. Second case is for bedrooms and bathrooms. Bathrooms look beautiful with stained glass or patterned glass which is translucent and restricts anyone from intruding upon one’s privacy.

Bedrooms can work on the same principle but the type of glass needs to be chosen wisely. The main point is, the inside doors do not require as much of protection reinforcements as the main door does. You need to choose the right design and type of glass. Even if you choose to go with glass on the main entrance make sure it is as opaque as possible.

The Takeaway

Picking the perfect house door is no cakewalk. If you know what to look for, you are better off with the entire selection process. Make sure to have a list in mind about which material design you want to go for. Also, decide on whether you require glas in the design because it can compromise your safety and risk your privacy. The perfect option may be different for everyone because it depends on the type of house one owns and its exterior.

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