Pooh Shiesty Net Worth 2024

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Pooh Shiesty, aka Lontrell Williams, is a well-known rapper with millions of YOuTube subscribers and social media followers. He composed the most popular tracks and records. He is one of the successful youngest rappers. Despite the vast competition, he won several awards and honors in his field. Moreover, his hardworking nature and passion for rap brought him a robust following and early success. Are you curious to know more about his net worth, personal life, current status, milestones, etc.? If yes, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Who Is Pooh Shiesty


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This 20-year old guy was born in America on November 20. He has a successful YouTube channel with over 800k subscribers. Apart from this, he even owns a website with his name as a domain name. Pooh has gained a huge cult following for his songs where people download from his website. He started composing rap songs at a very young age, and finally, in his early 20s, he became one of the successful millionaires.

Pooh Shiesty’s Early Life And Family


Погледајте ову објаву у апликацији Instagram


Објава коју дели Shiesty (@poohshiesty)

He completed his studies in Memphis from online and summer schools. Despite his schooling study pressure, he became a successful young rapper by 18. Nothing was found about his parents, family background, or personal information.

His father is also a rapper and famous for a few records. His parents were separated due to multiple reasons. At present, Pooh’s mother is residing in Texas. His talent and unique composing made him successful and a public figure at a very early age.

His Milestones And Career Highlights

Pooh was very passionate and hardworking since his childhood about rap composition. People often think this behavior might be developed due to his father, as he’s also a rapper. In 2018, he published his single album. Soon, it got viral and gained colossal attention and popularity. Within a few months, he released a few more raps based on his audience interest. It’s no doubt that all of his albums were successful and reached several people. Pooh was one of the rare people of the world who achieved success at a very tender age. Pooh has over 3 million followers in social media handles, especially on Instagram.

Less Known Interesting Stuff About Pooh Shiesty

Here are a few amazing facts about the Pooh Shiesty that you might be interested in. So, read on.

There were a few rumors that Pooh was in a relationship. Yet, according to popular and reliable sources, his current status is single.

Do you know Pooh Shiesty once caught by the cops for holding weapons and got arrested in Miami? Some of the resources state that his amount was stolen.

Most people often call him Silme Lil Dude.

His popular songs and albums have over 33m views.

Net Worth of Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty’s major income stream is rapping. He earns almost all the bucks from the song’s composition and albums. However, the YouTube channel, website, and social media handles boost the revenue. His estimated revenue is about $1.5 million.

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