5 Warning Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Renovation

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Having a pool in your backyard is one of the biggest benefits. This, for a long time, is not only the privilege of the upper class and rich people. The construction of the pool has become affordable and a large number of those who have a place in the yard for it can take advantage of it. Spending free time swimming in your own pool, sunbathing next to it, alone or with your family, making parties, cocktails and barbecues is an invaluable pleasure. If you plant lush greenery around the pool, put umbrellas and deck chairs, you will have the feeling that you are in a high-class summer resort or on a desert island, where relaxation is guaranteed. The big advantage is that you do not have to go anywhere, but after a hard and stressful day, you can relax in your own oasis.

As you maintain the vital and aesthetic needs of the house, you must pay the same attention to the pool. Over the years, everything is subject to change and decay, so you should regularly monitor the condition of your pool and react in time. Delaying repairs can lead to various, potentially dangerous situations, as well as a significant increase in costs.

1. Visible damage to the structure

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Some damage is not visible to the naked eye. Cracks in concrete, fallen tiles, torn and wrinkled vinyl layer. This type of damage can be superficial and easily solvable. However, deeper cracks, which we do not see, are caused by weather conditions, cold, heat, subsidence and can lead to pool leaks and significant water runoff. This is bad, not only because of the water consumption but also because the constant collection of water under the pool can cause instability and large-scale damage. Therefore, it is necessary to call in specialized specialists in time, who will assess the extent of damage and start repairs.

2. Failures happing often on installations

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Installation failures are always possible. Whether it is water supply and drainage systems, filters, or a problem with lighting, a pump, which belongs to the domain of electricians.

Such things should not be neglected. They could seriously endanger someone’s life and health, so their repair is urgent. If you notice that breakdowns in this sector are on the road, that they recur, despite regular master interventions, it is sometimes cheaper and more useful to completely replace the installations than to constantly have problems with them.

3. Poor energy efficiency

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Even the most modern systems become obsolete over time. The modern age offers new solutions and modernization of the old ones, almost every couple of years. No one really likes the idea of investing, but it is evident that the installation of the latest and most modern systems for heating, water filtration and maintenance of all kinds, can significantly contribute to the preservation of energy and our budget in the long run. Comparing the price of renovation with potential losses due to inefficiency will give you a clear insight into how much money you could lose over the years, plus, you will be contributing to the preservation of the environment. For additional information on average renovation price, you can check https://marchwithus.com.au/how-much-does-swimming-pool-renovation-cost-in-australia/.

4. Outdated design

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It is very possible that one day you will face the outdated look of your pool. What was once the most modern expression of design talent, of which you were proud, has over time turned into an old-fashioned pool, which no longer impresses anyone, not even you. It seems that the time has come for change. Maybe you used to be dedicated to sports, so your pool has a simple and reduced shape of an Olympic pool, or you had a different vision, but now you don’t like it anymore. Maybe you bought a house with a pool and the taste of the previous owner is not close to you at all. Sometimes it happens that children are the ones who initiate changes and want renovation and a more modern look of the house, pool, yard … In any case, consult with experts. You need to keep in mind the financial construction, then the way the work on the pool will take place. Will it be bigger, the same, or smaller. What will be its new shape, decoration, style .. It is important to determine all the items correctly, so that the renovation would not turn into too expensive and too long work, which could lead to stress and dissatisfaction.

5. Upgrading and adding new features

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In addition to a modern look and installation, it is good to think about some details that could improve the function of your pool. If you have small children or old parents, it is necessary to construct adequate stairs and a bracket. Then the pool could be shallower on one side and allow easier entry and exit. A protective fence and a floor made of non-slip, rubberized material could also be installed. If your budget allows, you can make a segment in the pool, such as a smaller and shallower pool, children, or seating, such as a jacuzzi.

There are many possibilities that improve our enjoyment in the pool, all of which will be presented to you by experienced experts, with whom you will work out a detailed plan.
So, as you regularly maintain vital parts of the house, you must keep in mind that the pool requires the same. Neglect will lead to a worsening state of deterioration and damage, which will result in subsequent large investments and extensive work.


Among other things, just as your house shows how you are taking care of it, so your yard and pool also testify to your habits and your personality. A well-maintained and meticulous household is a pleasure to see. Not to mention that you and your family will feel beautiful and satisfied in such an environment when you run to your neat and beautifully styled pool with a towel over your shoulder and jump into it. Summer days spent in this way, with family and friends, will be proof that your efforts were not in vain.

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