Jerry Miculek Net Worth 2024


Jerry Miculek is one of the precise shooters and a world-known best gunsmith. His understanding of guns and shooting is incredible. Most of his competitors are afraid of his best performance. At times, the competitors accept Jerry Miculek’s victory without even starting the game. He broke five world records. Yet, there are over 15 world records that haven’t been sanctioned.

Are you curious to know more about his background, family, milestones, and other less-known facts? If yes, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Who Is Jerry Miculek


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Jerry MIculek is famous for his shooting and YouTube channel where he discusses shooting techniques, lifestyle, and other entertaining stuff. He was born in 1954 on September 7 in Texas, USA. Though he was born in Texas, he grew up and completed his schooling in Louisiana. He maintains the weapons delicately and is a well-known gunsmith in the USA. He handles and maintains the weapons with utmost care and strategic techniques.

His passion for weapons, primarily guns, hunting, and shooting, started in his childhood. The same passion made him a professional shooter. According to one of his interviews, his interest in shooting increased from the shooting sports that he used to watch in the early days.

Jerry Miculek’s Early Life And Family

Most of his personal life and family background isn’t available. Yet, we found out a few facts about this life from numerous magazines and reliable online sources. So, read-on!

Jerry Charles was his father’s name. His mother’s name is unknown. He married Kay Clark-Miculek and was blessed with a daughter, Lena Miculek. He said that he has four siblings, and other than that, he never revealed anything about his family, schooling, education, or additional personal information.

Career Highlights And Milestones of Jerry Miculek


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In 1988, he started his career. Since then, he has never looked back. It’s known that he can empty five-shot rifles within a minute. Moreover, in each of his games, he astonishes the viewers with his fantabulous and razor-sharp performance. He achieved numerous awards, honors, and medals from his precise shooting performance and speed.

In addition, he is also the best gunsmith. He performed in such a way that everyone felt that there was something automated while he was shooting. Another best thing about Jerry is that he perfectly understands and knows how to handle, grasp the gun, and shoot the target. His YouTube channel is another outstanding achievement that hit massive subscribers. He consistently posts videos related to the maintenance of firearms and shooting tips that educate and entertain viewers.

Less-Known Interesting Stuff About Jerry Miculek

Here are a few less-known facts about Jerry Miculek that you might be interested in.

  • One of the impossible and rare achievements of Jerry Miculek is winning the USPSA seven times.
  • He is recognized as one of the best gunsmiths in the World. Despite his age, he still continues his career with great passion and amazes the audience.

Jerry Miculek’s Net Worth


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His net worth is about $10 million, and it’s not constant. Most of his income is garnered from his shooting events, YouTube, and other competitions. He earns a few bucks from the promotions and brand endorsements.

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