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Thomas J Henry is one of the most successful American lawyers. Due to his excellent social welfare works, he won several honors and awards. Without beating around the bush, let’s directly dive into the interesting facts about Thomas J Henry, including net worth and personal life.

About Thomas J Henry


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Thomas is a well-renowned lecturer and an experienced American lawyer. Thomas is also a member of the million-dollar club and is positioned #1 in the list of best USA trial lawyers. One of the best features of this lawyer is that he argues for justice and restricts himself to fair arguments. He practices everything in the court trials that he advocates.

Early Life And Family

He was a native of Germany and was born in 1962 on April 5. His parents Florence and Frank Henry, later moved to Kansas in the USA. So, he grew up in Kansas though he was born in Germany. As he was born in a military family, he was very disciplined and well-mannered from childhood. All the qualities that he drew from the family environment turned him into a successful lawyer.

He happily married Azteca Henry and blessed two kids- Maya Henry and Thomas Henry Jr. Unfortunately, his married life didn’t go well. At present, he lives in Texas with his two kids.

His Career And Milestones


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He studied in St.Mary Law school and completed his law course with distinction. Once he received the law certificate in 1988, he practiced a legal career in the same graduate school. While he was starting his career, he worked as a trial lawyer. Now, he is helping the freshers and establishing the ultimate law firm. People often call him and his firm “Legal Superstar” and “The Premiere Law Firm” of 2016 in the USA.

Thomas J Henry holds 25+ years of experience in legal advice and issues. And he was actively participating for the welfare of society. He especially takes up the claims regarding medical and accident malpractices. He is an active social worker offering basic needs such as shelter, food, and education. He even works with old age homes and their welfare.

He is also recognized as the “Best American Attorneys” by the Lifetime Character of Rue. And also, he is on the list of Top 100 American Trial Lawyers.

Less Known Interesting Stuff About Thomas J Henry

Here are a few interesting facts about the successful lawyer that you might be interested in.

  • Apart from the law field, he also received several prestigious honors from other welfare associations and governments for his tremendous works.
  • He is one of the members of popular advocate forums such as Multi-Million and Multi-Dollar Advocate Forums. The richest American trial lawyers established this forum. So, being a part of this firm is highly honored.
  • Moreover, he is also recognized by the Parenting Magazine as the topmost birth injury advocate.

Net Worth


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The estimated net worth of Thomas J Henry is about 40 million from his major income sources law firms, services, and other financial streams.

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