3 Tips For Protecting Your Hardwood Floors From Chair Scratches

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Choosing a wooden floor for houses is still one of the most popular options all over the world. This classic design cannot be replaced properly with any other solution. It will provide your home with warmth and it goes perfectly with all kinds of furniture, both modern and classic.

Still, you have to keep in mind that the main problem with wooden floors is related to an increased chance of damage, especially by sofas and chairs. That is the main reason to get the right protection, like some of the options you can find here.

The problem is that the process of repairing the wood can be quite difficult and expensive. Also, trying to hide the marks and scratches all the time is not the best solution. The marks will be visible no matter how light or dark the note on the floor is. In that matter, protection is the best solution. Here are some tips for protecting the floor from scratches.

1. Use Slippers and Rugs

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We can notice that people have different practices all over the world when it comes to the habit of getting into the house with your shoes on. It is common in many places, and you should learn more about it if you are planning to visit some friends in another country.

It is much better for the floor if you start taking off the shoes at the doors, and use the slippers instead of walking with shoes or sneakers all over the house. Also, chances are great that the place with the most damage will be around the door where you will take off the shoes and leave them aside.

A similar problem can be seen in the kitchen and living room, where scratches are common around chairs, sofas, and small tables. In that matter, the best solution is to take on the slippers when you get into the house and add small rugs under the area with chairs and other furniture that you are moving more often. As you can see, rugs are not used only for the improvement of design.

2. Install Pads on Chairs

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Besides the option where you will place a rug under the chair, an even better solution is to install pads. The problem will still be there if you don’t use these pads. Instead of ruining the floor, the chair will damage the rug and then get through and still apply some marks on the floor.

Therefore, you can get rubber pads and place them on each model of furniture that you are moving more often. The great thing about this product is that it is quite cheap, and you can find it in all kinds of sizes and colors.

3. Use Chairs with Wheels

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It is quite common these days that there are many types of furniture available with small wheels that allow easier moving. The great thing about this option is that the chances of scratching the floor are much lower. Still, it depends on how often you are moving the furniture.

Even if you have a chair with these wheels, that does not mean that you should move around while sitting in the chair since that will still leave some marks. The best solution is to be aware of your actions, and don’t forget to combine the furniture with rugs when necessary.

For example, if you are working from home, you will spend a lot of time at one spot in front of a PC. You should make that place suitable and put a decent rug under the chair so you won’t cause any damage to the floor over time.

Other Important Tips For Keeping the Floor In Good Condition

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First of all, we will start will small children. You can expect that they will run away all over the house and that they will put their toys all over the place. It is important to keep the floor and rugs clean so they can play on them. Also, monitor the kids if they start scratching the floor with their toys.

The same is for pets, who can create serious damage. For example, a cat might start scratching the floor, and you can avoid that by buying a special product that your cat can use for sharpening the claws. When it comes to dogs, the best option is to cut their nails regularly.

Moreover, your activities and how you are using various furniture in the house can lead to increased signs of damages all over the place. For instance, if you get on the sofa by nearly falling, it will get slightly back, and the friction will lead to scratches as well. The same is when you are sitting on a chair.

On the other side, if there are already visible damages, there are different solutions that you can use to repair the damage. You can choose from a variety of products, some of which can be quite expensive, and apply them to wood. Also, can hire a service to varnish the floor. The best practice is to call such service after every 5 to 10 years so you can keep it in the best condition.

Besides that, when there is a lot of dirt and dust, the friction will be more damaging to the floor as well. In that matter, be sure to clean the floor from time to time and keep it shiny. The most expensive solution is to replace some part of the floor with new wood.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, some simple solutions will help you to protect the floor from scratches while you are sitting in the chair. However, your activities are crucial. If you are moving while sitting all the time, and trying to get from one spot to another while sitting in a chair that has small wheels, you can expect visible signs of damage over time. In that matter, the best solution is a combination of rugs and rubber pads.

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