4 Tarot Card Pendants That Will Make Your 2024 Blessed 

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The tarot card originated in the 13th century. Since then, people have believed in their power and found that tarot symbols have significance in their lives.

There are about 78 tarot card symbols. However, the experts who have studied the development of human culture and societies (anthropology) have dug the four sort-out symbols most impactful in the tarot- star, moon, star, and world.

These symbols bring good luck and prosperity if you keep them close to yourself. You might get one of these symbols imprinted on your pendant so that you carry a good luck charm where you go. After you know more about these symbols, you can get them custom-made by a jewelry manufacturer. Now, many jewelers sell ready-made tarot pendants too.

Four Tarot Card Symbol Pendants That You Need

Whether you want a blessed 2024 or you want to wish someone you love well in their life, these pendants will attract positivity as they were bought with positive intentions. As the law of attraction goes, you will attract what you are thinking about with pure intentions.

1. Sun Motif

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Every morning you open your eyes to see the sun and welcome a new day with anticipation and hope that this will be the best day of your life. By wearing a sun pendant, you will invite two things into your life- fortune, and abundance.

We all need these two to make our days on earth worth living, and gifting a pendent with a Sun motif means you want your loved one to be joyful and abundant.

2. Moon Motif

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In the tarot, the moon symbolizes trusting your dream and yourself. Wearing a moon-engraved pendant will attract self-belief in yourself. Wear it if you are going on a new path if your life.

For instance, if you plan a career swipe, invest in a property, or start a new business, this sign will attract energies that will make you believe that you can and will.

You can wear it for yourself or gift someone on the verge of setting a new journey in their life.

3. World Motif

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World motif in tarot world means you will attract success and adventure in 2024. If you want to explore the world a bit this year, get yourself a pendent with a world motif and set your journey.

4. Star Motif

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Star will bring you prosperity and hope for the coming days of your life. Hope is all we have and live for. Hope for a better life, a new beginning, hope everything will get better at the end of the day and hope to prosper wherever we go.


All four tarot symbols signify that the future will be a brighter part of your life. With this pendant nearer to your heart, you will be able to manifest good things in life. Abundance, prosperity, success, adventure, hope, and good luck will embrace you in 2024, and it is just the beginning. They will help you unleash the power hiding in you without your consciousness.

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