Why TikTok Leggings Are Becoming a New Fashion Trend in 2024

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Since 2024, TikTok is an online place where a lot of internet trends are becoming viral. The short videos are followed by catchy tracks and they are interesting for the audience. This platform became the holy grail of the unpaid marketing promotion because even though if you have 20 followers, your content will appear on the FYP (for you page) to those who don’t follow you but have similar interests. And boom – you are viral now.

That’s what happened with the popular leggings. You don’t know about them? Then go to TikTok and you will see what’s that.

As a matter of fact, they first appeared in November 2024, and they were sold by a French company. The leggings come at an affordable price of about 12.99 British pounds, and they went viral under the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. The company claims that those who wear their leggings will see how their body is literally reshaped, and they appear more attractive than usual.

The girls and women who own at least one pair will claim that they are booty-lifting. Since then, a lot of brands have created dupes of this model, hoping that it will boost their sales. But do you know what else is good about them? Even though they are shaping your body, at the same time, these leggings are pretty comfortable, and the unique honeycomb pattern of the textile that makes them even more stretchy. Also, this pattern makes the legs and butt appear well-shaped, even though you need more time and effort to do that usually.

So, how these leggings became a fashion trend?

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If you dig deeper into the TikTok database, you will find thousands of videos related to this topic. Once you explore it, you will indeed see a lot of girls wearing these models, or something similar to it, and they really rock. And they are advertised as TikTok leggings on websites like thetiktokleggings.com and those who sell equally good dupes, so let’s face the reality – they are a big trend, and probably every girl should at least try to wear them for one day.

But, the secret of this model is in the pattern and texture. The fabric by itself won’t lift anything on your body, or reshape it. It’s all just a visual effect, and the right color combination can give an even better result. The line in the middle can define the two cheeks of your butt, so it looks well-defined and tight. We can say that even though they don’t make any miracle, their waistline and texture make this design genius.

The technique used to create the fabrics is known as west knitting, which lets it be elastic even when elastin is not used.

Some users aren’t really fans of the leggings

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Surely, there will always be some users that aren’t satisfied with the quality of the product they are buying. Some of them reported ripping and stretching, which causes holes.

According to them, even though they are advertised as a revolutionary product, they really can’t handle a “heavy” booty and all those movements.

But, no one ever said that they are magical. You can’t find that description anywhere. They are revolutionary and practical, but not magical. The pattern and texture, and of course, the waistband, are key factors why these leggings are a huge trend for almost a whole year. But, as we said, their “secret” is the visual effect, or the optical illusion they provide, and your brain detects the object much smaller than it really is.

On the other hand, that’s what a lot of people want – to buy some product that gives them an instant result, without putting a lot of effort into accomplishing that result. And when it comes to an affordable price – you have the right recipe to launch something on social media, especially the popular platforms, and wait for the orders.

TikTok became a marketing giant

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At the beginning of the pandemic, TikTok was an interesting platform for those who were bored, to do something different than usual. Even though it was popular in China, it started spreading (just like the virus) worldwide, and now, this platform has millions of active users every day. Many businesses saw the unique chance they have to promote their product without spending a lot of money for that. It doesn’t require a lot of skills in video editing too, because all the effects and filters are already there. If you want an even better product, you can edit the video in advance, and use it to post on TikTok.

Popular leggings became a trend without intention. Someone tried them and recorded that, shared it with their friends, and now we are here, everyone is waiting for a stock refill, so they can order their pair.

There are many examples of successful businesses that launched their initial campaign on TikTok and used their popularity to gain more followers on Instagram, or more orders from their webshops. Everyone can become a successful marketer if they know the right tools to use in their campaigns.

We can say that TikTok today is one of the best marketing giants, not just for fashion, but also for cosmetics, eco items, scented candles, resin art, handmade accessories, and so on.


There are two things to conclude after this article. The first one is that everyone can use the power of social media to place their product online, and encourage their followers to order it, try it, and even make a post on how satisfied they are with it.

And the leggings? They will probably be trend longer than we suppose. Until a new one comes up and replaces them, just like they replaced some other trends that we don’t even recall right now. But, that’s social media. As they can make you bloom among the competition, they can also make the people forget about you when something new comes up.
It’s on you to maintain the balance, and try to stay competitive in the market.

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