Tips on How to Replace the Joystick on Your Nintendo Game Console – 2024 Guide

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If you’ve just bought your Nintendo’s or Sega’s game console and want to know how to replace the Joystick, it can be a problem to find what you need. Even if you are just replacing the controller on your old console or computer, you may have a small problem that may prevent you from having the time to look for the replacement.

The first thing you need to do is take apart your Nintendo controller. This is a very easy step to do but take care not to scratch the plastic parts of the controller and never to scratch the buttons. Also be sure not to get any dirt on the button, the thumb stick, or the cord.

You will then need to use the Nintendo replacement unit and plug it into the back of your controller. Make sure you put the NES cartridge that came with your console and make sure it fits the controller. The NES cart should also be included with your console.

The next step you will need to do is unscrew the plastic controller that connects the controller to the board. After this is done, you can replace the two screws with the plastic buttons and plug in the board. Your new controller will connect to the board.

Now you need to plug the new controller into the NES board of your Nintendo. You will have to insert the two screws into the slots on the controller and screw them back in. You will also have to unscrew the little board from the bottom of the console. Just pull it out and slide the two halves together.

Before you install the new joystick you will need to make sure that all the buttons are covered. Make sure that you turn off your system before this step and remove the batteries. You will then want to cover the old joystick with some masking tape. The next step is to fit the new joystick into the slots of the NES unit. Be sure that it is seated firmly into the game console. Make sure that it lines up with the buttons.

After the new joystick is seated, you will need to tighten the screws on the back of the Nintendo so that it is securely attached to the console. Make sure that it is tightened all the way but don’t over tighten it.

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Once the Nintendo is securely seated, you can install the new Joystick into the Xbox unit. Put the controllers face down and fold the top of the Joystick over the top of the controller. Then fold the sides down over the buttons.

You will then want to fasten the controller to the back of the Xbox. Then you will want to fasten the two wires on the back of the controller to the original plug on the console.

You can now remove the wires from the back of the console and attach the new joysticks to the buttons and plugs on the console. Your console will now look like the original one but the buttons are now interchangeable.

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