6 Things You Need to Renew Your UK Certificate of Sponsorship

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It is human nature to fight for oneself and one’s family, to strive and work in order to provide the best possible conditions for life. You’ve probably all thought at least once how nice it is to live the American dream. However, for many it is unattainable for several reasons – they cannot find employment, they do not have the initial capital to help them until they are financially settled, or they simply do not want to go so far from their loved ones. After all, we will often hear that even living in America is not what it used to be.

On the other hand, we have Great Britain, which has become one of the most desirable countries to live in (if we exclude the bad climate and frequent rainfall). In addition, if you are from Europe, it is much easier to get a visa, and you are only 2-3 hours away from your loved ones.

The UK is a popular immigration destination, so the government keeps strict visa rules and closely monitors who it allows controlling the flow of immigrants. Most countries are granted visa-free entry if they are coming for a short visit, but if you plan to work or study in this country, you will only be able to do so if you receive a sponsorship letter. If you are interested to find outĀ how to get a sponsor license in UK, keep reading this article.

What is a sponsorship letter?

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A sponsorship letter is an invitation from a citizen of a certain country. So, this letter is a document by which a person with income and residence in Great Britain undertakes to take over your living expenses in that country. In this way, the British Government has some guarantee that you have enough funds for the certain period you have planned to spend in this country. We are talking about tourists here, and the situation is similar if you are planning to get an education or looking for employment. Therefore, the employer is obliged to send you a sponsorship letter stating why you are necessary for this type of work. The letter will have to include an explanation and confirmation that this particular profession is in deficit and that you are indispensable.

Who can issue a certificate of sponsorship?

A certificate of sponsorship can be issued by a citizen of Great Britain, which will actually guarantee you and your stay in this country.

How long is the certificate valid?

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The validity of the license is usually 4 years, and the license can be issued, as we have already mentioned, only by a person who has British citizenship and who meets certain conditions.

What when it expires?

When it expires, it’s time to renew it if you want to extend your stay. What is important is that you start with the paperwork on time so that it does not happen that you stay illegally within the borders of this country. If this happens and you are caught, be sure that you have lost every possible chance to build a career in the UK.

How much does a certificate of sponsorship cost?

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Issuing a certificate costs 199 pounds, and who will bear the costs, whether the employer or the future employee, is a matter of agreement.

In order to prove this, it is necessary that he has published a job advertisement for at least a month. If he does not find a qualified worker, he can request a sponsorship number for you. You will then receive a reference number from your employer, which you must enter in the application for a pink permit. All documentation can be sent by post or done in person in the UK. Most often, only highly educated specialists to get the pink license, and there are also blue and yellow ones.

What is the easiest way to find a job in London?

Finding a job in one of the most modern and popular cities in the world is not easy. London is teeming with business opportunities and the amount of offers is more than enough.

However, the very desire for employment in London is also linked to the importance of persistence when looking for it. With the availability of the Internet, the search is relatively easy, considering that online we can find various websites with job ads in this very city.

Despite a dynamic labor market and a large number of companies offering a large number of jobs, in some industries, there is still strong competition between job candidates. Sometimes only a highly qualified specialist with a good educationĀ and work experience can get a really high salary and a favorable social package. It is worth noting that overall unemployment throughout the UK is very low, particularly due to the availability of European labor. So you have to be really qualified to get the chance to live and work in the UK.

Required documents

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The necessary documentation is similar everywhere, but some requirements may vary and it is best to ask directly at the office for foreigners of the place where the guarantor lives. What you definitely need to prepare are the guarantor’s passport, residence permit, apartment lease agreement, tax receipt, personal documents and confirmation of qualification, and so on.

A job in England is easy and hard to find, depending on what you are looking for. If you get in touch with people a little, there is always work because they recommend each other to employers. In England, people do not waste time, every minute of the day is important to them, they work a lot and want to use their free time in the right way. The big advantage is that you can do everything online so you don’t have to waste precious time.

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