9 Reasons Why Kids Love Dinosaur Toys So Much

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Naturally, kids love toys. And when it comes to dinosaurs no one can grab that little adorable guy from them. But, do you know why are they so inclined towards dinosaurs? When you give a kid a large dinosaur, the chances are high that he will fall in love with both the toy and you. Kids are normally inclined towards animal toys. Maybe animal toys are fascinating to them for some reason. When it comes to dinosaurs, they are a whole different story.

Dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago. Humanity has never lost its interest in them. Maybe the undead interest is reflected in kids too but that’s a little deeper subject to go. For now, kids love dinosaur toys for some bizarre reasons only they could understand. Do you have a child at home? Then this article is for you if he is a fan of dinosaurs too.

When it comes to gifting toys to kids, parents take a lot of time in finding out what they love the most. Since the kids cannot express it themselves, it becomes much harder.

But, there is one common thing or toy for all the kids and that is dinosaurs. Give your child a large dinosaur and that makes their day. But where do you find unique, different and large dinosaurs? Head over to www.cpstoyworld.com to find a world of toys.

Reasons why kids love dinosaur toys

1. Colours

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As far as animal toys are concerned, dinosaurs are the only toys that come in unique colours. Kids are naturally attracted to vibrant colours. Even psychologists, scientists, and experts concur with the statement.

As dinosaurs come in various vibrant colours like green, orange, red, black, brown, and yellow, they feel an adrenaline rush of joy and affection towards these extinct animals.

2. Size

Dinosaurs come in different sizes, small, medium, and large. Kids love to play with large toys. There are very few animals that come in large sizes as dinosaurs.

Then the love towards these beasts is completely justified. Both the size and colour factors combine to grab the instant attraction of children and make a strong mark on their hearts.

3. Animal

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Kids love to play with animals. Pups, cats, and any other animal that comes their way, kids feel ecstatic just by looking at them. If not in life, just in the form of toys. Dinosaurs are different in look, size, and colour from the normal day-to-day animal’s kids come across.

Then it is a natural tendency to grow interested in something that you have never seen before. The same happens with kids as well. As they are different, they look more attractive, appealing, and especially new to them. So, they find them especially attractive to play with and prefer dinosaur toys over other toys.

4. Fun

Although dinosaurs are monstrous in looks, kids find them funny and joyous. There are no particular reasons for this feeling. You know, they are kids after all. While they have a natural love for animals, they also find all animals funny, joyous, and happy to play with.

Since they do not know the characteristics, nature, and frightening history of these extinct species, they find them funny.

5. Interest

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Most of the time, no one knows why a kid develops their interest in a particular thing. Dinosaurs belong to this category. even you must have been fascinated by and interested in dinosaurs when you were a kid. Even before they know the history, their biological build, or something else, kids have a soft corner for dinosaurs

As they grow up to learn about the historical happenings and the role dinosaurs played in the history and extinction, their interest continues to increase. This is quoted as another reason why children love dinosaurs.

6. Monstrous look

Both in real-world and toy cartoonish look, dinosaurs are monstrous in appearance. Do you not agree? There is no denying this fact. Yet, for some reason or the other, the monstrous look appeals to the kids. Monsters and demons send chills down the spine for many but innocent children are an exception.

They love demons, devils, and monsters. They even prefer monster cartoons over others. Maybe the fighting, cruelty, and bizarre biological build fascinate them. The same is the case with dinosaurs too. They find everything about them fun despite being dangerous and monstrous.

7. Wild and cool

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Have you ever thought that dinosaurs are cool, fun, and fascinating? Never, right? no one would ever perceive dinosaurs in that way but kids do. They are wild in looks but kids love wild too. Have you ever seen a kid jumping in joy looking at a street dog, a lion, or a tiger? Notice it this time.

All this logic may seem strange and weird to you. But, remember you were a kid once too and you were fascinated by the same things that now your kids are finding interesting.

8. Imagination

Wild and monstrous looks allow and enable kids to go wild and exciting in their imaginations. Even in cartoons, you see all the fascinating things happening among these kinds of creatures. Kids do not usually have the ability to differentiate all things. But, they do have a strong ability to imagine a different world that has a lot more curious things than the earth.

For reasons no one knows, maybe dinosaurs make them go wild in their imaginations. That may be another reason why children are naturally attracted to dinosaurs.

9. Gender

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It is a known fact that girl children usually like soft, shiny, and smooth toys, whereas boys vote for wild, fast, and hard toys. Hence, boys like dinosaurs more than girls. Dinosaurs are one mandatory toy in every boy’s toy wardrobe.

Dinosaurs are wild and monstrous in looks just as how boys like them. They are difficult, hard, impossible to deal with, and strong. As they go on to learn these characteristic facts about dinosaurs, they develop even more interest in them.


No one can exaggerate how much kids love toys. Be it for their size, colours, or fun elements, there is something that attracts and fascinates children. Even adults love toys and that kind of explains why playing with toys is the happiest thing for children.

Then if you are looking for or buying toys for your children, shouldn’t you be mindful and careful in choosing the toys that they will absolutely love? The above reasons must have clarified all your doubts about why kids love dinosaur toys. If you are currently looking for one, what are you even waiting for? Bring them one and look at them jumping in joy.

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