Andy Bassich Net Worth 2024

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If you are a fan of “Life Below Zero”, you might know Andy Bassich. You may know him as a reality show star living in Alaska with 37 sled canine companions. But, do you know an adventurer who lives in a house without water supply, electricity and internet? Scroll down and read further to learn more about Andy’s family, early life, career progression and finally, his net worth.

About Andy Bassich

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Andy Bassich is one of the prime characters of the reality show “Life Below Zero”. The show is produced by BBC and aired by National Geographic. The main theme of Life Below Zero is the daily life and activities of subsistence hunters of Alaska.

He has brown eyes and grey hair. He lives in a house on the banks of the Yukon River. For twenty years, he worked as a riverboat Captain in the Yukon River. In addition, he trains over 37 sled dogs and lends them for mushing.

Early Life and Family

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Andy Bassich was born on 25th January 1958 in Washington DC. However, nothing is known about his parents and early life. He graduated from John F Kennedy High School in 1976. Soon after his graduation, he started working as a carpenter and cabinet maker in Virginia. Further, he traveled across the US and finally moved to Alaska in 1980.

Kate Rorke was the wife of Andy Bassich. Andy met her in Dawson City. Andy was a Riverboat Captain, and Kate was a tourist when they first met. In 2015, Kate applied for divorce and obtained it in 2016. Kate claimed that she was in an “abusive relationship” with Andy. Some sources suggest that they have a daughter, but her name is undisclosed, but others claim that Kate and Andy have no children.

During the reality show, Andy was mortally injured when he was trying to move a snow machine. The mishap infected his muscles and bones. Consequently, he moved to Florida for treatment. There, Andy met Denise Becker, who nursed him. Now, Andy and Denise live together in Alaska, but they aren’t married.

Career and Major Milestones

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Significant milestones in the life of Andy Bassich include:

  • In 1976 after graduation, he worked in Virginia as a carpenter.
  • He decided to travel across the US in 1976 and was planning to visit Alaska, but he couldn’t do so because he had to attend his sister’s marriage.
  • In 1980, he moved to Alaska.
  • He worked as Riverboat Captain in River Yukon for over twenty years, and he was granted a Coast Guard Marine license.
  • In 2013, he started appearing in the documentary Life Below Zero.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Andy Bassich

  • After the divorce, Kate posted on Facebook that she “suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder”.
  • After the audience realized that Andy abused Kate, some fans pronounced that they would decry the show if Andy continued. Further, National Geographic asked the viewers to be concerned about the on-screen content and not about the private life of its cast.
  • Andy cannot hunt in Alaska because he wasn’t born there.
  • In 2009, there was a flood in the Yukon river that denuded Andy’s home, following which Andy, Kate and twenty-one sled dogs were rescued.

Net Worth of Andy Bassich

The net worth of Andy Bassich is about $300,000. His primary source of income is the reality show Life Below Zero. He was a carpenter before he travelled to Alaska. He worked as a Riverboat Captain in the Yukon River for twenty years. He also trains and lends sled dogs for mushing which adds to his income.

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