Sam Hyde Net Worth 2024

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Comedian, Prank artist, Hoax star, writer, Sketchup comedian, all these names are synonymous to Samuel Whitcomb Hyde. He is a well-known figure who has gained popularity from his YouTube channel MillionDollarExtreme.

This talented actor has faced quite a lot of tension and protest from several political groups due to his blunt and honest views on social issues. However, he has gathered a fair share of money and popularity over the years, which we shall be exploring today.

About Sam Hyde

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Samuel Whitcomb Hyde, more popularly known as Sam Hyde, has a post-ironic sense of humor which sometimes causes him to blur the lines between himself and his characters.

He is often in the news, as a result of mis reports which blame him for the mass shootings and terror attacks in the United States. These originate from his hoaxes which generally show him brandishing a small pistol and has become the subject for popular memes.

Early Life And Family

This great comedian was born on 16 April 1965 at Fall River Massachusetts, US. He graduated from Wilton High School and studied at Carnegie Mellon for a year, and then transferred to Rhodes island School of Design to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in film, animation, and design.

At present, he is highly active on his Youtube channel making funny videos. On the other hand the second season of his show got canceled due to some differences. At present not much is known about his family and personal life.

Career And Major Milestones

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In the year 2014, he started a web series called Kickstarter TV and after two years in 2016, he co-founded the television program Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace with Charles Carroll and Nick Rochefort. This program depicted the sociological trends observed in politicians, parents, teachers, policemen, and other social elements.

However, to his displeasure, the show was canceled for the second season due to some negative articles.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Sam Hyde

There are quite a few astonishing unknown facts about this king of pranksters even with all the clashing of views and canceling of the show, Sam Hyde ranked on the list of Most popular YouTube stars and in the elite list of celebrities born in the US.

His humor style and pranks are entertaining and attention-grabbing which are often captured by the media.. The most popular incident of all being the time he dressed up in a maroon-colored sweatsuit with hoplite Esque breastplate and greaves at a TEDx talk ‘ 2070 Paradigm shift’. On being asked the reason, he simply stated his dislike for TEDx talks.

Net Worth

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His wealth to his stand-up comedy acts, numerous of which he did across Massachusetts. Further on, his Youtube channel which has a following of more than 1,60,000 followers, and his website which has a subscription of $5 per month/ $50 per year, contributed to his income.

His other sources of income included the show he co-founded, Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, and the Book he wrote with Charles Carrol and Nick Rochefort How to Bomb the US Gov’t.

The estimated net worth of this Youtuber is around $1.5 million at present.

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