Catfish Cooley Net Worth 2024

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Redneck may be offensive for some, but for Catfish Cooley, it’s a compliment. Rather, he’s proud of his roots. He sees and speaks comedy in everything- from the rising sun to the dazzling full moon. Who doesn’t love this man? But, how well do you know this legendary comedian? Stay tuned and scroll down to get an insight into his personal life, career, family, and finally, his net worth.

About Catfish Cooley

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Catfish Cooley swept magnificently through YouTube with his distinctive commentary style and a classic redneck personality. His hobbies are fishing, skateboarding, listening to music, watching films, and watching television. Cooley has beautiful blue eyes, naturally brown hair, and a brown beard.

The comedian is hyperactive on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. However, he doesn’t have a Twitter account.

His Instagram account has about 404,000 followers and 302 posts. Moreover, his YouTube channel has 280,000 subscribers. In addition, he has a Facebook account with over 3.9 million followers.

Early Life and Family

Catfish Cooley or David Allen Cooley was born to the first wife of Charles Cooley who’s name is undisclosed. Charles Cooley is working as a foreman in a construction company. Lawanda Cooley is his stepmother.

He was born in Louisiana, the USA, on 2nd May 1990 to a southern poor family often referred to as ‘rednecks’. Cooley is known for his distinctive style of speech and expertise in making people laugh. This makes his videos genuine and popular.

He is an alumnus of Pitkin High School, but his later educational career is unknown. In his schooling days itself, he has exhibited his talent in comedy.

He is currently married to Monica West Cooley. The happy couple is blessed with two children- Zooey Cooley and Tyler Cooley. Monica is his second wife, and he has two children with his first wife, whose identity is unknown.

Career and Major Milestones

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Significant milestones in the life of the Catfish Cooley include:

  • He started his YouTube channel in 2017. Most of his videos are a commentary on his day-to-day life. His unique style of commenting makes his videos popular.
  • “Redneck Shows How To Quit Smoking” was his debut video that attracted hundreds of views within a week.
  • Then he created the “Whiskey Wednesday Series” that remains one of the most celebrated videos on YouTube
  • In 2018, he worked with Ginger Billy on the Nitro Comedy Tour.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Catfish Cooley.

The most intriguing story about this legendary comedian will be the origin of his title. Do you know how he got this? In his videos, Catfish Cooley produces the sound of a Catfish. But, this is not why Cooley got his nickname. While he was working out in a gym, he produced sounds like a catfish, and consequently, his friends called him a catfish. From that day, Cooley adopted Catfish Cooley as his screen name.

Net Worth of Catfish Cooley

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The net worth of Catfish Cooley is somewhere around $ 1 Million. Instagram and YouTube are the primary sources of his income. His YouTube channel has got about 22 million views in total. Also, he earns $1,600 per month from his YouTube channel. Similarly, he earns $1,400 per month from Instagram.

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