Why Are Sex Dolls And Robots So Successful?

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Today, there are already several companies involved in the production of sex robots. But what is a sex robot and why have they become so successful in recent times?

In this article, we will go deeper into this topic and talk about some of the sex robots and sex dolls available on the market, which are a good alternative to having an encounter with hot Brisbane escorts (https://au.skokka.com/escorts/brisbane/).

What is a sex robot?

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The concept of sex robots, as it is proposed for the future, goes a bit further. In this sense, we could define them as anthropomorphic robots equipped with artificial intelligence, with the capacity to offer pleasure and sexual satisfaction to a person.

Again, however, the definition may be an understatement. The new generation of sex robots is not limited exclusively to the sexual sphere. Manufacturers are looking for them to be more than just mistresses or sexy Aussie escorts. There are sex dolls that are just simply sex dolls in their “night mode”, while during the day they can chat, provide companionship and even do simple household chores.

The creators of these sex robots categorically deny that they are sex dolls with microchips. As Ricky Ma Tsz Hang, creator of the Mark 1 doll, points out, providing sexual satisfaction is only one of the possibilities of these robots, but they can also perform tasks such as caring for an elderly person or preparing a child’s snack.

One of the countries where the use of robots is most widespread is Japan, as we saw in our article on Japanese robotics. Japan is one of the great pioneers in the manufacture of industrial, service and companion robots. And, of course, also in the case of sex dolls or sex robots with a female appearance.

The 6 most sought-after sex robots

Female sex robots are now as common as dolls. There are several models of robots, both female and male in appearance, already on the market. Let’s get to know them!

1. Harmony Robot

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Harmony is a female sex robot created by the American company Realbotix. It is a life-size model that can perform gestures such as blinking, eye movements and neck movements, just like a perfect hot escort in Australia. She can also talk and is equipped with artificial intelligence to learn about her owner’s preferences.

This Scottish-accented robot is one of the most advanced models already on the market and is priced between $8,000 and $10,000.

2. Mark 1

This is a female sex doll designed by Ricky Ma Tsz Hang, a Hong Kong designer. He probably wouldn’t like us to call her a “sex doll”, as that wasn’t really his aim in creating her, but he wanted to create a robot with human appearance and behaviour in every possible way.

According to its creator, he has fulfilled a childhood dream. He has used silicone skin on an exoskeleton made with a 3D printer. Although he has not confirmed anything about it, the truth is that he seems to have been inspired by the actress Scarlett Johansson, as the resemblance is more than evident.

3. Samantha

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Samantha is a female-looking robot companion designed by nanotechnology expert Sergi Santos. Her skin is made of TPE and she has the physical characteristics of a human being. Her eyes are green or blue, her hair is brown, she weighs 40 kg and her measurements are 90-55-90.

This robot has three modes of operation: family, romantic and sexual. In the latter, it is even capable of reaching orgasm. However, the breakthrough its creator aims for is that it behaves even more humanely.

4. Emma

Emma is a robot designed by the Chinese company AI-AI Tech that is causing a real furore among middle-aged men in the Asian country.

Among the reasons for her success is her surprisingly human appearance. But there are many other aspects that make her stand out in our image. Her touch, or even her body odour, is very human-like. Even her body temperature is 37°C, precisely as a human being.

5. Roxxxy

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Roxxxy is considered to be the pioneer among female sex robots. She was launched in 2010 and caused a controversy with the inflatable doll manufacturers.

Obviously, the inflatable doll manufacturers realised that their gadgets could not compete with Roxxxy, a human-looking robot 1.73 m. tall and weighing 54 kg, equipped with an articulated skeleton and an artificial vagina.

6. Henry

Henry is a robot partner who could make a fool of many men. He is attractive, intelligent, romantic and a machine in bed, never better said. There aren’t many men who can recite poems these days, let alone change the size of their penis to their partner’s liking.

The Henry robot can be operated via a mobile app and costs between 9,000 and 12,000 euros. At the moment it is the only alternative among sex robots for women, at least if we are talking about machines equipped with artificial intelligence.

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