Equipping the Veranda and Terraces in a Private House: Working Tips

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In private country houses, you often want to come up with something for the arrangement, beauty, and convenience of leisure activities. After all, this is the territory, subject to the owners – they can experiment with it and implement their ideas as much as they want. One of these desires is a veranda or terrace near the building for receiving guests or reading a book alone.

But how to equip it so that it is as cozy as possible?

What style to choose?

The first thing that determines the choice of style is the location.

If the terrace is located in the south or west side, it is better to give preference to warm shades, as there will be a lot of sunlight in this place. An excellent solution would be the Provence style. It includes:

  • beamed ceilings;
  • furniture made of natural materials, made in light shades;
  • curtains can be used either transparent or pastel colors;
  • table with chairs;
  • flowers in vases or pots.

Take a closer look at the furniture provided by parasoldubai.com. Such outdoor furniture is suitable for this type of location. All in all, garden furniture is comfortable for rest and relaxation, it’s resistant to the extremely hot weather, and can be complemented by other pieces of outdoor furniture: garden tables and chairs, garden benches, and coffee tables.

If the terrace is located in the northern or eastern side, a colonial style will do. It includes:

  • rocking chairs;
  • wicker furniture.

Here you can equip a fireplace, which in the future will serve as a unit for heating the room. Also on the veranda there is one main wall, it also needs to be decorated. It is mainly painted with a solid color and sometimes trimmed with natural stones. So that the terrace doesn’t look empty, it is decorated with flower shelves, vases, panels, and lamps of various shapes.

Selecting furniture

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So the terrace was created to relax there, a mandatory attribute of the decor is soft sofas, comfortable armchairs, and chairs. If you are decorating the veranda of a summer cottage, it is not necessary to buy new furniture accessories, it is enough to put the old ones in and simply transform and repaint them. This approach will allow you not only to change the shade of the furniture but also to create a completely new atmosphere.

Tables are also an important item of the veranda. Often breakfast, lunch, or dinner is served here during the summer season, so you simply cannot do without a coffee or dining table.

If the size of the room allows, be sure to put a sofa. You can not overload the room. Sometimes the use of light colors helps to correct the situation and visually increase the area. There should not be a lot of furniture paraphernalia; if there are chairs, don’t put chairs.

Setting up lighting

In the open outbuildings, owners usually put a lamp that is resistant to both rain and wind. If the device has low protection, it is better to put it indoors.

A good solution would be to use LED lamps, as their light is perfectly scattered throughout the room and consumes a small amount of electricity. However, such lighting has a drawback – a high price. Such devices can be of various shades and sizes, they are not able to spoil the interior but only transform it.

Choosing alternatives to the classic veranda

Summer kitchen

To design a summer kitchen on the veranda, you shouldn’t transfer the entire set of kitchen furniture there. The design of such a kitchen should be as simple as possible. To do this, it is worth installing a stove, a refrigerator here, and also equipping a workplace for the hostess of the house. If desired, here you can allocate space for storing cutlery and kitchen utensils, as well as a barbecue. However, for the implementation of such a layout, it is important that the veranda has a roof.

Mini beach

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If there is no roof on the terrace of a country house, then you can arrange a small artificial beach here. For a shady area, you should install a beach umbrella or awning. And for relaxation and sunbathing, you can place a small inflatable pool and several sun loungers here.

Relaxation area

Many people prefer to equip a special room on the terrace for a relaxing pastime, and therefore a hammock or swing is often installed here. If you scatter more pillows on the floor, then in the evenings you can have hookah gatherings here.

Winter garden

Many housewives prefer to use a veranda or terrace to decorate their own winter garden. Plants in this case are neatly arranged on racks, and on the floor, they are placed in beautiful large ceramic and wooden pots. Planters are hung on the walls. If you add here the decor of natural stone, decorative branches, and wooden stumps, you get a rather naturalistic garden design. Some people prefer to decorate their winter gardens with wrought iron and wooden products, install easels, carts, bicycles, garden statues and other unusual decorations here.

Home office

The veranda can turn into an ideal place to work in the summer. Even in the smallest veranda, there is always a place for a small desk. An armchair can be placed on this table, as well as a bookcase. Some prefer to use such an office as a reading room. The main advantage of an office on the terrace is that here you will feel like working in nature.

Wrap up

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A modern terrace is not just a walk-through area, but an integral part of the house, which is planned in advance carefully. Increasingly, it is considered as a summer dining room. And this makes sense – the best pastime in a country house or in the country are gatherings with relatives or friends in the fresh air. Sometimes they even equip a small kitchen corner with a barbecue or install a fireplace. So it becomes especially pleasant to spend summer breakfasts and evening tea parties on the terrace.

So take care of your design. Hope this article was helpful. Good luck!

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