How To Set Your Middle-Schooler Up For Success?


Going to middle school can be a daunting experience for your kid, especially if they’re the first of your children to do this. Without an older sibling giving them advice, it can be difficult for them to know what to expect, and you’ll be the person they lean on most for advice and support during this transition period. In this guide, we’ll give you our top tips for setting your middle schooler up for success in the best way possible.

Do Your Own Research

Before you send your kid off to middle school, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve done your own research about what both of you can expect. Firstly, it’s a good idea to look over any materials the school itself provides for incoming students, so that you’re aware of their expectations, including for the dress code, as well as any policies around bullying or disciplinary action. This way, your kid won’t be running into any issues on day one. If you’re still at the stage of looking at what school will be best for your child, it’s worth consulting the guides available at the Ministry of Education, as these will give you a great starting point.

Make Sure They’ve Got The Right School Supplies


Another thing to consider when sending your kid to middle school is to make sure that they have the right supplies. With more and more schools moving their teaching resources online or making the most out of different digital education tools that are available for teachers, it’s handy to make sure that your kid is up to speed with the right technology. Providing them with a laptop is a great way to do this, as they’ll be able to use this to submit homework assignments and complete research projects without any trouble. There are some great laptops for sale that you can purchase for your kid to help make their transition up to middle school as straightforward as possible, and this will mean that while they deal with the big changes in their life, their technology won’t be a barrier to the best learning experience possible.

Help Them To Establish A Routine

Once your kid is ready to go, the next thing you should be thinking about is helping your kid to establish a healthy routine around middle school. Study skills will become increasingly important as they make this transition, so getting them into healthy habits from the get-go is a great idea. There are some fantastic free templates online for a homework scheduling planner, which you can sit down with them to complete to make sure that their study plan fits around their lifestyle, while still giving them time to wind down. This will make it easier for them to stay up to speed in their subjects and instil a lifelong skill for the future.

Ultimately, while your kid’s transition to middle school can be a daunting experience for both of you, by following this guide you can make it as seamless as possible. So long as they have the right equipment and are confident in the approach they can take to at-home study, you can be certain that the next step in their lives will be one filled with learning and adventure.

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